Awakening slowly…

Yesterday I spoke about a tradition the husband and I stopped doing, naming 3 positive things in our day and one thing we are thankful for. Last night, we brought it back.

1. I was able to find a new vet closer to our house for the cat.
2. I finally got the girl I have been training for a couple months now to do a few projects on her own.
3. I bought the yarn for my sisters Christmas scarf.
I was thankful that my Mom is such a big part of my life. If I couldn’t call her when I was upset or falling apart, have her talk me down and give wonderful advice, I think I would be crazy, well crazier than I already am! 😉 
I realized while standing in line at the local Wal-Mart last night, that my husband is my best friend and I haven’t been very fair to him recently. I have been so withdrawn, trying to cope with all the changes happening and feeling slightly depressed, that I was taking my crankiness out on him. We stood in that line for 30 minutes, then showed each other our half eaten french fries like 5 year old’s and shopped for an hour for random things we probably did not need. We laughed and joked. We stayed off our phones. It has been awhile since it was this easy for us. It has been awhile since it was this easy for me. 
I withdrew into my little turtle shell and I am working my way out slowly.
I have to admit, it feels a lot better to be participating again, laughing for real again and smiling for real again. No matter how brief it is. 
Have you? If not, well get out there and vote!!!
What are 3 positive things that happened to you yesterday? One thing you are thankful for?

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