Random Monday thoughts…

I am someone who thrives on structure and lately my structure has been wobbling on its foundation. I spent two years organized, scheduled and structured while I worked a full time job and attended school full time at night. This structure I thrived off of. Since I have graduated, I have no schedule or discipline, instead I have made the couch my best friend.

So this weekend the husband took off for two days. He needed a break, I needed a break and even though I didn’t understand it at first, I think it was the best decision. It was all getting to be too much for us, we were bickering over socks on the floor and dishes stacking up. I have been dwelling on the negative, refusing to see the positive and the husband doesn’t know how to help. So we enjoyed our silence separately to clear our heads.

Which means I got LOTS of puppy snuggles all to myself.

Those ears, I swear, they crack me up! Doesn’t she look so sweet? Yeah, until she wakes up and then she is a monster. But we are working on manners, patience and a little more discipline in her life. 

At some point on Saturday night I noticed the cat was spending an awful lot of time going into his litter box. When I walked into the office trying to put my finger on the last time I changed it, I almost fainted from the smell. OMGosh, had I really, after five years of successfully being a good cat owner just dropped the ball? Oh yeah, big time! I had forgotten to change his box let alone even buy litter. I usually scoop every other day and change every week. No wonder the cat was visiting his box so much, he was PISSED. I changed it with a heavy heart and knew I needed to keep an eye out for him for a bladder infection. By last night, he started using it less and less though and this morning he seems pretty normal. I still made a vet appointment for this week. Better safe than sorry.

Where is my head? My animals have always been well taken care of.

Today is a brand new day and a brand new chance to start over.

A new day

The husband and I used to do this thing each night, for months, we would sit down each night and force each other to list three positive events that happened that day. It could be as simple as I didn’t get hit by a car, my sandwich was good at lunch or as big as I passed a test or lost a pound. This was after coming home every night and just listening to each other moan about the negative crap in our days. It was a great little thing we did, but when school got to be too hectic it slipped right out the window. Today I am bringing it back. We also agreed to do a thankful thing this month, each day list one thing your thankful for.

Today I am thankful for coffee! 🙂

As for my schedule I just need to keep reminding myself each day to get certain things done. Dishes, exercise, scoop litter box, walk dogs, positive list with hubby, meditate and go to bed early. The couch is great but I am starting to run out of TV series on Netflix!

I lost another pound when I stepped on the scale this morning. Woo hoo! That means only 3 more pounds to go before I am back to where I was a few weeks ago, before I started mass eating carbs. On Saturday I did this ballot work out thing and it hurt but felt so good. I have it scheduled for Saturday’s but I might squeeze it in a few more times in the week for fun. I think it will help strengthen my legs for running and also I was only able to do 15 reps of each instead of 30, now I see it as a challenge to get strong enough to do 30!

My hips have been bugging me, most likely because my IT band is super tight from the way I tuck my legs under me while sitting at my desk. So I have been working on stretching them out each day with gentle yoga moves that target the hips and legs. I am hoping I can convince the pain to ease up soon.

My attempt at being positive today, smiling, even if something is irritating me and reminding myself to be patient even with difficult people!

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