Happy walks…

Doesn’t the Red dog look so happy to be out for a walk? You are probably wondering where the damnation is the monster puppy?! Well, she hasn’t had enough practice on the double leash and right now I can’t handle both dogs on my own. I am physically strong enough but I can’t protect them both if something should happen, like another dog gets loose or something. 
Which is A-okay with the Red dog. She loves alone walking time and is MUCH better behaved on a walk alone than with the monster puppy. She doesn’t pull or compete to be in the lead (which she always is in anyways because we won’t let the puppy lead), she just casually walks with me, tail wagging and sniffing all the new scents. She even got to watch a few trick-or-treaters starting their rounds. And I finally got my exercise on after feeling like a bump on a log for weeks. During our short walk I could feel my back and hip complaining loudly, amazing how fast your body can start to back track when you stop exercising for a bit. 
Once the dog was walked and feeling satisfied, I decided to run to the library and get my new book waiting for me! Now I am a HUGE fan of the library and have had a card since I could remember. I loved our family weekly library trips and often think of the small library in my small hometown. Now a days, I am a big fan of reserving books online and then picking them up when they are ready. Yes I have a Kindle and yes I know there are TONS of book stores in the city, but I just can’t give up my library card. Usually my Kindle is full of bad romances and fun free books from Amazon that I read in between books anyways. 
Isn’t my hubby a sweetie? He left these on the counter for me because it was my first day of quitting smoking (again). And I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself, well except for the mass eating problem. I ate a half of bag of seeds, a piece of pecan pie, chicken soup, crackers, cheese and a spoon full of peanut butter. That is the problem with quitting, you suddenly become an eater. But I would rather eat. This was after taking the dog for a walk, running to the library, doing the dishes, baking pumpkin seeds (that I slightly burned) and cleaning up the yard. It is only when I sit idle, I get the cravings. The rain luckily held off till 8:30 pm, but then it poured, poor trick-or-treaters. 
I did take a couple Tyenol PM around 10:00 pm and put myself to bed. I don’t know if it was the withdrawals or from the hubby not coming home till late that kept me tossing and turning, either way, I am exhausted this morning. All in all though, I feel strong. I have twinges, moments where I think to myself, “how will I ever handle stress?” But they don’t last long if I take a few deep breaths and remind myself to stay strong. I quit for 9 months last year, I can quit again, I just have to learn how to function without them. I will tell you this though, the not coughing or having a sore throat or being all congested when I went to bed last night felt AMAZING!!
Tonight will be another dose of the same thing. Walk with dog, clean up the house and take a couple Tyenol PM before bed. I am just going to take each day as it comes!
What are you reading lately? Ever attempt to quit a bad habit?


One thought on “Happy walks…

  1. My bad habit is spelled “C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E”. haha I am doing great around Halloween candy, but I still indulge in dark chocolate.

    I have been reading Francine Rivers books. Ugh so freaking good. Like Christian fiction. She does a good job of making the stories like real life. ie not fairytale like for the most part.

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