Crock pot Apple sauce…

So ever since I stumbled upon this apple sauce crock pot recipe from, I have been obsessed with the idea of making my own apple sauce. Especially since I really don’t like the taste of store bought apple sauce.

I chose 4 Fuji apples and 4 red apples for my recipe because I am not a big fan of green apples.

Husband peeled, while I cute them into the crock pot.
I also added a little extra brown sugar to the mix because I love sweater apple sauce. 
After a couple of hours it really started to make the house smell pretty.
After another hour or so it started to smell and look amazing.
Then it was done after 8 hours in the crock pot. 
I haven’t tried it yet because it is cooling in the fridge but it smells amazing. The recipe also says at the end you can blend it if you want a creamer version of applesauce. I am okay with chunky but might blend a bit for the husband!
Do you love homemade applesauce??

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