It is time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Think you would like to join, go on over to Peas and Crayons, check it out
I have to admit, I thought my pictures were going to be of bad food, but looking back, I really haven’t been eating that horribly. I have been loving bread but I stepped on the scale this morning, another whopping pound lost. So take that bread!
On to the eats…
Breakfast has been whatever I can get my hands on and to be honest, most of the time that is just peppermint coffee (MMMmmmm), but when I do eat…


Yogurt and some kind of fruit is what I prefer in the mornings. This morning it was a Yoplait yogurt and an apple. The added bonus, Yoplait is doing their breast cancer save the lids to save lives donation! 

Lunch has been left overs from dinners…


Grapes are so very yummy right now!!!

Dinners have been a combination of fending for myself since the husband is working late or him being home and cooking me something amazing…

Chipotle Bread from Trader Joe’s, cheese and olive oil with balsamic vinaigrette as a dipping sauce. A horrible salad (hated the dressing) and California rolls that I gobbled up before I could even snap a picture!

Sweet potato mash with bacon bits, chicken and zucchini, the husbands creation of course.

Yesterday I got all the ingredients to try homemade apple sauce, homemade yeast rolls and zucchini muffins. I can’t wait to try them all this weekend!
So what have you been eating?


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