Hooray for fall…

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Why hello fall! See, now that is better. Some cooler weather finally. I am not the only one enjoying the cooler weather…

He loves it when we leave the windows open at night because first thing in the morning he crawls unto the sill to hang out. 
It is that time of the year again. The time of year when I start decorating (though I have only half-assed decorated for Halloween so far) and baking. I love baking. Cooking is fun, I could take it or leave it though. But baking has always been my passion and I only really bake during the fall/winter seasons. I don’t set a timer or check the oven often, I just wait till my nose picks up the smell and it is done. I amaze my husband with this trick, since he burns almost everything he attempts baking. 
Now that school is over, I can really start attempting some fun baking recipes in my spare time again. I know I know, it isn’t very Paleo but seriously folks, it is fall/winter, we bake during that time. Plus I found a couple gluten free bread recipes to try, which is better than anything else. 
Sunday night, my friend dropped by and with her she had this beautiful gem. 
For years I have been staring longingly at mixers but those things are expensive. Too expensive to justify getting one, especially while in school. Now I had never heard of this brand (Magic Mill) but the husband was very excited when he got home. So excited he started putting it together. He is amazing at putting these type of things together without a manual and since we don’t have a manual, that is a great skill to have in my book.
After a whole bunch of research, the results, this machine rocks, seriously rocks. It is a heavy duty mixer that can really whip up some good bread recipes without burning out. It is a little advanced and takes some time getting used to it, but once you do, the reviews just raved about it. It has also been known to last a long time.  
I am so freaking excited. I have two bread recipes and a butternut squash cupcake recipe that I am dying to try in this baby. I will have to let you know how it all goes! If I can figure it out before Christmas, then I can make my bulk cookie recipes for the goodie bags I want to make for work. 
Also on the baking/making list this year…
  • Homemade applesauce, especially since apple picking is on my fall bucket list this year;
  • Pumpkin seeds (I have seriously never made them);
  • Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting;
  • Cheesecake.

I am going to have to exercise A LOT to keep from gaining any weight back. Or just feed the husband loads of treats and resist them myself, which is actually not that hard considering I just love baking them.
Getting the mixer makes up for the drama currently surrounding my graduation ceremony. I think I will just bake the stress right out of my system because I can’t run right now. I am bummed with a capital B. I still have this horrible cough, so I haven’t been able to start running again. I really want to run my first 5k soon, but I know that in order to run it, I have to be able to train my body on how to run, which isn’t going to happen till I shake this cough. Stupid immune system.
The sad part, where is I use to crave sweets or cigarettes when stressed, now I crave to run. I can feel myself just wanting to tie on my shoes then run till the sweat drips down my face and I am too exhausted to feel even slightly stressed. Pounding the pavement, while listening to music blasting in my ears and getting rid of this nervous energy that bubbles inside of me during stressful times. Oh boy, my lungs better heal soon, I need to get out there again, especially since the weather is so perfect right now. 
Thinking of weight loss, Sunday I stepped on the scale and boom, I was at 300.4. Um wow, considering I have been eating CRAP lately. I am simply one single pound away from being below 300 pounds. Oh, I can’t imagine. It has been 7 long years since I have been below 300. So we are at a 35-40 pound weight loss right now, since I started out somewhere between 335-340
But also on Sunday, I had a little bit of a feeling bad about myself moment. See the husband and I are going to a fun and sexy Halloween ball this year with friends. I really wanted to match him as well as find something sexish to wear. So we decided on saloon girl and gunslinger. BUT when I attempted to find a costume to fit, none would. Here is why.. Leg Avenue makes about 95% of the costumers around here. Now since I have lost weight, I have been fitting nicely into 1x-2x sizes which is roughly 18-20 pant size, depending on brand. Leg Avenue’s sizes are so grossly off, even the 3x-4x wouldn’t fit me. WAY too small. WTF?! Seriously Leg Avenue, if you are going to claim you are a plus size, then make it actually fit plus size. I can’t imagine how girls bigger than me are coping. I almost cried. So the husband, being who he is, said, “we are going to find a costume that fits, that isn’t Leg Avenue and I will work with that.” So this is what I found…
Little Miss Riding Hood. I got the blond hair to pull it off, so I will curl my hair and I might get a tutu underskirt to fluff it out more. I also have killer boots to wear with it. The outfit is actually a little big on me because it was a 3x-4x, but it was the last one left and it was on sale, so I bought it. I figure I can pull the strings on the front tighter if need be. Sadly disappointing but whatever, by next year I will be smaller and it will get a whole lot easier to find something in my size that I actually want. Note to Halloween costume makers, Halloween isn’t just for skinny girls folks, bigger girls want to look good too!!!
At least I have AMAZING graduation dress/shoes. I am going to look stunning for my first college graduation
What are you wearing for Halloween? Do you love baking? Know if any good recipes to try?

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