Yay yay yay.. it is What I Ate Wednesday! Think you would like to join, go on over to Peas and Crayons, check it out
So I am FINALLY off the limited diet because well I guess my gums are healing nicely. Still have this hacking cough and of course it is finals week in school. Lucky me. So eating, well it hasn’t been a priority and taking pictures, well hasn’t been a priority either. Bare with me… 


Dinners: Chicken, mashed yams and roasted eggplant with a little bit of cheese sprinkled on top. Random I know but the eggplant was going bad. Below that is my creation from last night, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green onions. Bacon on the side and grapes, very yummy grapes. AND because I have had a sweet tooth, a very crappy picture of my slice of lemon cake with cream cheese frosting.

Lunches: Random whatnot’s, such as, yogurt, tuna, hard boiled eggs and left overs (if there are any). Honestly, I have been just throwing things in the lunchbox with high hopes that I won’t starve at work. Eek.

Breakfast: No time for breakfast lately, sad, very sad. I usually can squeeze in a smoothie at work and on the weekends it has just been grab coffee and run errands, no breakfast until lunch.

See I told you it has been crazy. I really need to start eating again!!!

What have you been eating?


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