HA! Love this idea, so what you are supposed to do is This will be a one-time link up where you will post things that you do that MIGHT make you a little bit *gasp* crazy!!!! (I imagine myself singing some “Crazy” by CeeLo/Gnarles Barkley…hence his pic in my button!)” Check it out at The Vintage Apple.

1. I insist on decorating as soon as possible for the holidays. The husband has had to make a rule that decorating can’t happen till the first of the month. Halloween decorating, not till October 1st, Christmas decorating, no till December 1st. This came about because each year, I was starting decorating earlier and earlier. He was a little afraid we would become that house that had its decorations up in August. Does this make me crazy?

2. I can’t stop buying Eeyore PJ’s and I am an adult. Seriously an adult. I even found a onsie, with footsies attached and was very upset they didn’t have my size. Does that make me crazy?

3. I will check the front door and still ask 15 minutes into going anywhere if I locked the door. Then ask again in 15 more minutes. I also ask 3 times if the doors are locked before I can fall asleep and the husband has to actually look for my purse before I can fall asleep. Does that make me crazy?

4. I love watching scary movies, love it, crave it, but then when I go to bed, I start thinking about all the scary things that could happen to me and end up with my head under the covers. Does that make me crazy?

5. I smell everything before I put it on to double check that it is clean. Even underwear. Does that make me crazy?

6. I talk to my animals when I am home alone, I never expect them to answer back but I do chat a bit with them. Does that make me crazy?

7. Dishes always feel greasy and dirty to me unless they are ran through super hot water, like in a dishwasher, which is a problem because I don’t have one currently. I also can’t stand water spots or stains on my pots/pans/silverware/plates, makes me feel like they are dirty. Does that make me crazy?

8. If my house is messy, I feel messy and chaotic. I can’t stand dishes stacked up or dust or spots on the floor, it literally drives me nuts, I try to relax and ignore it, but I keep looking over at it and want to scrub so bad I eventually just get up and scrub. Spots on the carpet are my worst enemy. Stains kill me. Any kind of off smell has to be banished. Does that make me crazy?

9. I can’t sleep with the closet door open. I swear it was because I watched Poltergeist when I was a kid, but it has stuck, the closet door has to be firmly shut each night, no half open or partially open, shut completely. Does that make me crazy?

10. I can’t stand the feel of towels or socks, especially if they haven’t had any fabric softener used with them. It literally makes me cringe and my teeth hurt. That material is just horrible. I can’t stand going over to other peoples houses when they don’t use fabric softener and touching their towels. Does that make me crazy?

11. I can’t sleep in other peoples dirty sheets, even if you just slept in my bed once, I will wash the sheets and I refuse to sleep in other peoples beds, even my Moms, when I house sit. I barely tolerate my husband lol. Does that make me crazy?

What makes you seem crazy?


6 thoughts on “Crazy…

  1. YESSSSSS!!! Decorating for the holidays is the funnest thing ever, and no you're not cray for wanting to start on that asap!!

    Looks like we're both scurrrred of scary movies, but love to watch them!!

    Hope your weekend is swell girlie! xo, Bev

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