How to beat the studying blues…

It is one of those Monday mornings, the one’s where traffic sucks, you need a whole lot more than one travel cup full of french vanilla coffee and you think you might have made a mistake with your shirt you put on this morning. I can’t tell if I look cute or not. Hmmm, it is a Monday.

So this weekend was my last weekend of homework and studying for finals. At least for awhile it is. I am one week, this week, away from graduating college with my A.A. in paralegal studies. Woot. Big deal here folks. I have literally spent the last two years being consumed with graduating, putting all else on the back burner till I did. I have barely slept in two years, haven’t had a normal eating schedule in two years, it has been so very long since I haven’t spent every second at work, school or doing homework. My head is literally spinning with everything that I will be able to do again. All that spare time. Wow.

It is hard work working full time while attending college full time. Hard a$% work.

On Friday I was able to whip out my final questions project and at least outline my appellate oral argument. I still have butterflies in my stomach knowing I will have to stand in front of everyone today and argue my point. Oh sheesh.

I also created a four page study guide for Tuesdays final. Now I just need to do a final paper for Thursday and prepare for that HUGE final. Then I am free.

I am so very exhausted. So the husband decided to take me to have a little bit of fun, so I wouldn’t be stuck inside the house the whole weekend. Since we so rarely actually get alone time together, let alone days off together, we were pretty excited that Saturday we had the whole day.

Farmers market of course is ALWAYS on our Saturday agenda. Then it was time to wander around a few book stores. Not your new age, Barnes and Nobles, nope, these are the older book stores, with that smell, you know that smell, the one that is a mix between old paper and dust. I love these book stores. I just smell them and I smile. My hometown was full of these kind of book stores and my Mom use to love to drag me to one in particular that had a child’s reading room in the back for me. My Dad was always on the hunt for old books as well and some of my favorite Sundays with him (though few and far between), were spent in old book stores looking for older books. He knew all the book store owners by name.

In these stores, you always stumble upon crazy titles and books with little pencil writings at certain paragraphs where someone made a note to themselves. I like to play a guessing game, guessing when a book was written based off of its title and description. I am pretty good at it, sometimes. I never really buy anything, being a fan of newer books, but I still love to look, smell and curl up in an armchair and read for a few.

Home again, home again because guess what? It is October officially. Which means, HALLOWEEN DECORATING!!! The husband won’t allow me to decorate till the first of October. I cheated this weekend because well, the first is today and I work.

Last year we did an awesome graveyard scene. This year’s theme, pumpkins and ghosts, I have so many great ideas on painting and carving pumpkins. So many. But until I buy pumpkins, I could at least get up the ghost stuff I bought…

Those turned into these…

The lights are also up (even though they are getting old and only half of them work now)…
Trust me, there is more, but it is a work in progress. I have lots more crafts to do and pretty soon, the spare time to do them all too. 
I love this time of the year!
Cleaning up of the house was commenced and then we curled up together with a little bit of dinner and the Hunger Games movie.
The husband isn’t 100% sold on the pirate idea, so of course, I had to drag him to a costume store on Sunday to see what he thought of the costumes in person. Plus I needed to know what size I was because my costume is an online buy only. Turns out he wants to be a gunslinger and saloon girl. Oh vey! Looks like we will be doing the debate for a bit longer. But I did find a Yoda pumpkin thing…
I buy this, I will win wife of the year. Seriously, wife of the YEAR!!
After the costume store it was a trip to the $1 store to get some more ghost decorations. Then the husband listened and gave his opinion as I read my appellate oral argument to him over and over again. Sadly though, he had to work eventually and I was left alone to study for Tuesdays final.
It was a perfect weekend, a mix of fun with getting some work done, as well as cuddles, hand holding and laughter. With everything going on in my life, the changes and big moments, I have been feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted. I love that the husband can see this and knows exactly how to drag me out of it, making me laugh and making me feel ready to tackle anything, including balancing work and finals this week. 
SO I also got some good news. I am down to 301. Yep you heard right, 301. Last time I weighed myself I was 302 and I was very scared I had gained weight due to my carb overload and complete branch off of Paleo over the last couple of weeks due to my surgery and cold. When I started this healthy adventure, I was a good 335 or 340 and now I am down 34-39 pounds. Pretty soon I will be below 300, which is seriously an idea that really excites me. I haven’t been below 300 pounds in almost 7 years. 
I finally got brave enough to order pants online through Old Navy. I haven’t actually bought jeans in awhile. Shirts yes, skirts yes, slacks yes but not jeans. So I found a pair I loved and ordered my normal size, but forgot to read the comments first. You never know what is going to fit right and what isn’t. Reading the comments can be a real life saver to be honest. If people are saying the pants run small, buy a size up, usually it is pretty accurate. Anyways, after my order was processed, I read the comments, whoops, turns out EVERY single person said they had to order a size up from their normal size because they run small. So I prepared myself for small jeans, especially since it was hit and miss with me, sometimes I could fit nicely into 22’s, sometimes I can’t fit into them at all. 
Saturday my package finally arrived and the shirts were perfect. The jeans I stared at a little worried but I finally got brave enough to attempt wearing them. As I slowly slid them up, I thought, they won’t button and then.. they.. DID! WHAT!!!??? Every single comment had said they run small. Usually the pants I wear are a little tight too but these, no these, were very comfortable. They slipped on and the first thing my husband said, “you should go look at your butt!” Yeah I looked and yes it looks awesome in these jeans. I knew that my old jeans were starting to get too big but I figured they were getting older, stretching out some. Turns out, those 34-39 pounds has made a difference. 
Even after the husband made me this…
I still weighed 301 when I got up this morning. 
Simply amazing. 
Now imagine how much weight I will lose now that I am graduating college, now that I will have nights and weekends to take the exercise classes I want and run with the Red dog. I am really looking forward to making weight loss my main goal. I am ready for a few more milestones. 
That and I need to train my monster puppy. 
All in all, great weekend. But next weekend the husband is taking me out to celebrate surviving two years of college and I can’t wait!!! AND birthday count down, 17 days (not counting today) till I am 28 years old. I think I feel okay with turning 28. 
What I am not okay with is this… 
68°F | °C Mon Tue Wed Thu
Clear Clear Clear Mostly Sunny
Wind: S at 4 mph
Humidity: 52% 100° 61° 100° 57° 95° 55° 88° 55°
In October. YUCK!!!!!! Where is my fall weather >_<
How was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “How to beat the studying blues…

  1. October is awesome. I love Halloween, mainly cause i like to scare little kids. tee hee. While you are almost done with school. Congrats, Im just beginning for the fourth time. ugh. But im getting excited to start.

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