Feeling human again…

I am feeling almost human this morning. After three days down, this seems pretty amazing to me. Whoever said getting your wisdom teeth removed was easy, obviously has never had it done. Yesterday was my first day back at work after three days off and about two hours in, I was back at the oral surgeon because my stitches had come out and my jaw ached. Turns out that my stitches came out a little early but it was okay, no dry socket and my jaw ached because the muscle needs to heal. She put cloves on the left side, sent me home to rest again and told me to stretch the muscle as much as possible. I did as I was told and ended up getting all of Monday nights class makeup work done. I also had a little bit of a light headed spell from not enough calories. Trust me, I will be happy when soup isn’t the only thing I can eat.

This morning I am feeling somewhat human and I can slightly see how much good it did to get them removed. I no longer have swollen lymph nodes or a constant sore throat. I am not struggling with headaches. Besides the sore muscles in my jaw, I am feeling decent and somewhat like my normal self again.
But I will miss mid day nap time with my furry lovies…


It is running weather again and once I am feeling 100%, I will be getting out there to pound the pavement. I am so excited about getting back to running. I even downloaded the couch to 5k app to start training again. 
Also the minute I can eat like a normal person and not an infant, I will be back on Paleo! I have actually missed eating Paleo, though the minestrone soup and chicken soup that have been staples in my diet right now, are pretty Paleo. 
In two weeks I will have my life back (graduation of college) and it will be my favorite month, October. Halloween activities, fall and Christmas just around the corner. Hot chocolate, rainy nights and fuzzy boots. Arts and Crafts. Knitting. 
Last night I was pretty excited just to sleep with the windows open and no A/C.
What are you excited about? 

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