What I’m Loving Wednesday…

Between the throbbing ache on the left side of my face due to wisdom teeth pains and long days/evenings spent trying to get all my projects done in these last few weeks of college, I am just a little bit cranky. So I really needed this weeks, What I’m Loving Wednesday! Want to join in? Click on the picture 🙂

I am loving… pirate costumes for the hubby and I for Halloween!

I am loving… ghosts crafts for our yard this Halloween!

I am loving… my fellow students that have listened to me whine about my wisdom teeth this week!

I am loving… cranberry tea, seriously, it is the only thing that makes me feel better right now!

I am loving… patient animals, that seem to understand that we need them to be good this week!

I am loving… black and purple nail polish with glitter!

What are you loving this Wednesday?


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