Bye bye three day weekend…

Who is sad to see their three day weekend gone? This girl, yep this girl. I can’t tell you how nice it was to read two whole books and half of a third, take the dogs for long walks and take bubble baths. By Monday though, I was restless. I had spent most of Friday, all of Saturday and Sunday resting and reading. I needed to keep my mind occupied for a bit, so I did what I do best, I did fall cleaning.

I know, what is that? Well it is the same as spring cleaning, except it happens right before fall/winter. I like to scrub all the dirt out of the corners, banish spider webs and dust till I can’t dust anymore, around the same time I start dragging the winter clothes down from my closet and putting cute fall clothes on my wish list. My arms, shoulders and legs hurt from all the scrubbing, but after four hours of cleaning, I do have to say that it looks a lot better. Since I run 16 hour days between work and school, I only really get to the light cleaning most weeks.

A shower never felt so good as it did last night after spending four hours scrubbing floors on my hands and knees. Dinner never tasted so good either, though I have to admit, it was an amazing dinner regardless. The hubby and I have recently been obsessed with jalapenos. At the farmers market they sell baskets of them for a $1 and they taste really good in salsas and guacamole’s. But last night, we decided to try something new, stuff them with cream cheese and pop them in the oven for a bit. Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos…

Pop in some steaks with a little bit of seasoning and a big salad with homemade dressing, voila, one very yummy dinner…
I savored each bite and took my time eating. The food was so good. I am seriously getting good at this cooking thing, as I proved by making amazing Paleo Pancakes Sunday and Monday morning. 
After a casual 20 minute walk around the block with the dogs, it was time to crawl into bed exhausted and get some sleep. After four hours of cleaning and the strength training/yoga I did on Sunday, I have to say, I was pretty sore when I woke up this morning, but a good kind of sore, a sore that means my muscles were used. 
This morning when I weighed in, I was at 302, another pound lost. That is roughly a 35 pound weight loss or something like that in the last 6 months. Seeing that number flash on the scale made me smile, I am a small 2 pounds away from being below 300. Things I have noticed since I have lost 35 pounds…
  • My ankles no longer hurt, they might hurt a little when I run, but normal walking or cleaning or being active, no longer bugs them;
  • I have more energy, I deep cleaned my house for 4 hours, made dinner, dragged the big trash can to the curb and still managed a 20 minute walk with the dogs, before I never would have been able to manage that;
  • I can keep up with the dogs and the husband when we take walks now;
  • I feel better, I feel less depressed and more positive; and,
  • I move better.
Really sticking to Paleo, which greatly reduced my sugar and carb intake has been such an amazing transformation for me. I went from struggling with everything I ate because of PCOS and how it affects my insulin, to feeling so much better. I am still amazed at the transformation, the weight loss and mood changes. Unless you have ever felt like food was the enemy because every time you ate, you got sick, gained a ton of weight and could barely function, you couldn’t possibly understand how good it feels to eat things that don’t make me sick anymore. On top of that, I am excited to cook dinner and go grocery shopping. I enjoy discovering new recipes and slowly walking through the meat department picking things out. 
So 4 weeks till I am done with school (as long as I pass these last three courses). I can’t wait, just as October is rolling around, I will finally have nights and weekends free to go to pumpkin patches, take the dogs for long walks on crisp fall evenings and decorate the house for fall. I have been dreaming of fall for a month now. October is going to be slammed, with graduation, my birthday, hopefully a trip to Great America for the Halloween Bash they do each year, Halloween and possibly the Halloween ball this year (if we can manage both), I better get all the rest I can this month. 
So how was your holiday weekend? 


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