It is amazing how a little bit of hair dye and a cut can make you feel fabulous. I love it when my blond locks have a little extra blond to them…



Well folks, it is official, I have five weeks left of college and I am exhausted. I keep wondering how I am still walking, talking and functioning. I am thinking it has to be the coffee I drink every morning. I feel like a soda that has lost its fizzle. Which is bleeding into my eating, my exercising and my ability to handle my high stress job. Fizzle. Fizzle.

This weekend was nice, I got my hair done, BBQ’ed with friends, got the whole office organized and spent time with the husband. The bad parts, I stayed up way too late, ate horribly, didn’t go for a run and didn’t stop moving much. I never do fully recover on the weekends because they are just as packed full as the week.

Which is why, this weekend, for three whole days, I plan on running, getting the house cleaned up real nice and spending lots of time taking care of me with good books to read and bubble baths. Now I just need to survive the week without calling in sick (because that is how horrible I really do feel) and missing class.

I seriously can’t wait till I graduate. I am so ready for a normal bed time and days off again!

Are you fizzling?


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