Nervous pet parent…

Arya aka the small dog aka puppy pain in my rear, had a vet appointment this morning at 7:15 am, for surgery, to make sure her lady parts do not reproduce little strange looking puppies. This meant me getting up at 5:30 am, to leave by 6:15-6:30 am. I am already running off of empty in the sleep department, waking up an hour and a half earlier did not do me any good. 
I snapped at the husband about the dishes, he was only slightly amused by my ranting and resisted snapping back. I yelled at the puppy for being a brat who doesn’t know how to listen, she showed me her belly and wagged her tail at me. I yelled at the big dog for being a dumb dumb, she gave me the look of whatever. I yelled at other cars on the road, they ignored me. BUT I was very nice to the Starbucks lady, probably because she was handing me a venti cup of much needed crack caffeine. 
The puppy drooling in the car and nails making the horrible scraaaaatching noise on the plastic bottom of her carrier made my left eye start twitching five minutes into the drive. Then the vets office opened up five minutes late. Which made me five minutes late to work. And two pit bulls wouldn’t stop barking inside the very small waiting room, causing my ears to vibrate, my head to start hurting and my right eye to twitch. 
The puppy decided her place was behind my husbands legs, my little anti social girl. Which shows a huge difference between how my two dogs were raised, the big dog was raised as an only dog child for a long time, she is fine with new people, new dogs and new situations. The puppy, not so fine without the big dog. 
I watched as the same question got asked and heard the same result. Does your dog have an ID tag? No. When it came to my turn to check in, I stated yes and her rabies tag is attached as well. All the other owners glared at me, guess I got brown nosing status by all the pet parents this morning. But hey, I come prepared and I worry, a lot, about diseases and her getting lost. Is it really my fault if you don’t? 
Arya insisted that the husband walk her to the door and gave me one last sad puppy dog stare as she followed the sweet vet tech back to the dog room, where you could hear the loud booming bark of the pit bulls again, poor poor Arya. The little guilt tripper, instantly made me feel guilty for yelling at her this morning. Especially after I got a look at the release form I was signing, not responsible for death or injury of animal due to antithetic, um hell yeah you are, not responsible if dog gets a disease while there, well good thing she is vaccinated, dog might get small tattoo (brand as I like to call it) to represent that she has been fixed, really, you are going to tattoo my dog? Yeesh, come on now people, let’s just give me a heart attack to go with my cranky morning. 
One headache and 45 minutes later, I was finally at work, fixing my bosses computer problems. 
I can’t stop clock watching, in anticipation of going to pick up my goofy Yoda looking puppy, just so I will know she is safe at home, with me, sleeping off her grogginess. The only highlight of my morning? Paying an extra $7.00 to get a cone for her head, because lets be honest here, she is going to look ridiculous with those big ears shoved into a cone. AND reading the post operation list that stated I was to keep her inactive for 7-10 days after surgery, um yeah, she is an 8 month old puppy, you come keep her still. 
Venti coffee, 16 oz zero carb Rockstar and an earl grey tea from Panera while Googling sleep deprivation health problems. I am starting to get weird symptoms from the last few weeks of not enough sleep. Someone save me from myself! I have strict orders by the husband to go to bed with the puppy after I pick her up. I just might at this rate!
Are you a nervous pet parent? 


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