I feel so full…

I am still a little sore, muscles hurt that haven’t hurt in awhile. But when I stepped on that scale this morning and it told me another pound was lost, all that soreness just seemed worth it.

When I started this journey earlier this year, I was 335 pounds. I am now 303 pounds. Lowest I have been in awhile. PCOS makes it really hard for me to lose weight, but Paleo and running, well they are helping me kick each pound to the curb, where it belongs. I can’t wait to go out running again, which I am hoping will be on Wednesday, after I pick up our poor puppy who is getting fixed that day. No puppies in this house thank you very much!

I got home yesterday to a very excited husband and dogs who had obviously missed the heck out of me while I was house sitting. The yard looked beautiful, the husband had spent the whole day raking, sweeping and hosing it down. Why, well because I had mentioned how nice it was to sit on my Mom’s patio drinking espresso. So he cleaned up the yard so I could do that this weekend with my brand new espresso machine we are picking out tonight. What a great guy right?

Also, before I had left, I had asked the husband a few questions, about a few issues that we had been having between us. By Sunday, he was ready to chat and to my surprise had spent the whole weekend thinking about things. Nothing major, just we are so busy trying to make a life, we forgot about our marriage and it has been getting a little neglected. So we spent the night, re connecting. We spend so much time balancing work, school and chores, sometimes it can feel like we: A- never see each other and B- are more like roommates than a couple. We had just forgotten how important it was to spend time as a married couple, talk, feel that connection with each other again. I was mostly surprised though that he was so willing to talk to me about it all, maybe I should run away for the weekend more often. šŸ˜‰

So after a long chat, we made dinner together (something we use to do a lot but don’t do anymore)…

(chicken with an amazing salad)
Which translates into, he made the chicken before I got home and prepped the salad, while I whipped up an amazing dressing. Since I started this journey, I have come to realize one key thing, if I am going to eat salad, I would prefer to make my own dressing.Ā 
Last night’s dressing: honey mustard, honey,Ā balsamicĀ vinaigretteĀ and olive oil. It was so good!
And I had a little cheap wine…
The TV never got turned on, we didn’t pick up our phones or text anyone, it was just us two, having conversations, playing with our dogs and re connecting as a little family again. Seriously, still has me smiling this morning.Ā 
Another thing I have changed recently but have been hushed about it, Facebook. I didn’t delete it, I think it is great to have my family on it. I just realized I was using it as a boredom tool, so I would check it every time I was bored, on my phone, at work and it was getting to the point where I was so involved in everyone else’s life (how can you not be with Facebook) and not my own. So one day, I just didn’t feel like checking it and that has turned into a week of not looking at it. The shocking part, I feel more connected with my own life. I spend my spare time doing more productive things. I no longer get distracted while at work. I figure I will check it again, when I actually WANT to check it and not when I am bored.
October is creeping up faster than I expected and we also can’t choose between the Zone Ball or Great America for Halloween/my birthday/graduation this October. We keepĀ wafflingĀ and saying we will make the decision later. UGH! Anyone got a suggestion?
Life is feeling very full and nice right now!
Happy Miscellany Monday…

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


3 thoughts on “I feel so full…

  1. Awesome! I'm glad you found things that are working for you–paleo and running! Seeing some progress was always a huge motivator for me. You should be happy. šŸ™‚

  2. Having that time to reconnect with your hubby is so important, I'm needing to make that a priority lately too! And way to go on the weigh loss! I've been in a rut lately and it was so encouraging to to see the scale go down even just 1 lb this week. šŸ™‚

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