A little bit of good soreness…

Oh boy am I sore, my arms, shoulders and legs hurt every time I walk. It is a good sore though, it is a sore that means I worked hard yesterday!

I have been house sitting the whole weekend and it has been nice. My house is always hectic, with three (including an eight month puppy) animals, a husband and only a small four-plex to roam around in. We often step on each others toes and there is never a lack of something to do. But when I house sit for my Mom, it is quiet, I get alone time and I don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule.

I woke up Saturday morning after getting caught up on the Olympics and went for a run. Yes, you heard it, a run. I promised myself I would. AND my mom has the best neighborhood for running. Unfortunately though, I needed coffee first and that meant making myself an espresso…

I enjoyed my cup of espresso out on the patio…

Which meant that I didn’t get out to run till almost 12:00 pm. It wasn’t boiling hot but muggy. Determined to run though, I turned on my phone application, C25K, that lets me know when to start running and when to walk. Seriously a great app for smart phone users. It stops your music, talks to you and then starts your music again. It tracks your speed and mileage. Loved it! Even if I wasn’t feeling good about my run. I was out of shape from not running for two months and it was hot. But I completed it and that was enough to put me in a good mood.

Then it was day one of my strength program…

Smoothie time…

After that I met up with the husband and some friends to inner tube on the river. Nothing rocks more than floating on a river calmly and riding over rapids just to make it a little fun.

By the time I was done, I was starving and sore as heck from paddling, running and strength training day one. BUT what I am learning is that this kind of sore is a good sore. It means I moved and worked out some muscles that seriously needed it!

Dinner was really healthy, though not Paleo, there was no Paleo food in the house and honestly I didn’t want to bring a ton of groceries over…

The salad was so good, cranberry’s, sunflower seeds, almonds and feta cheese. I made a olive oil and vinegar dressing from scratch. I am getting really good at this eating healthy thing. 
Breakfast this morning…
Today I can barely move but I am hoping to squeeze in one more walk before I head home. The truth is, I miss my crazy loud household right now. 
So I am currently maintaining my 304 weight, I am literally 4 pounds away from being below 300, which feels amazing to be honest. That means I have lost a total of 30 pounds since I started this journey towards the beginning of this year. AND since I have PCOS, seriously 30 pounds is great, considering I was barely losing weight before I started Paleo and running. I have learned so much about being healthy, pushing myself physically and what I am capable of. I still have a long journey ahead of me but that is okay, getting healthy is a lifelong journey of making the right decisions!!!! 
Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been, get any good work outs in. 


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