Thoughts about exercise…

Normally I would be bouncing off the walls because it is Friday. Instead, I am dragging and obsessing about my Criminal mid term. I knew the stuff, I knew it BUT I am almost 100% positive I went too fast in my rush to not forget the information and answered a few questions wrong because of THAT, not because I didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. Note to self: next time, take a deep breath and slow the heck down. At this point, I am hoping for a B, I just want to pass these last few classes so I can graduate. I guess it doesn’t help I have a to do list a mile long as well. Oh well.

So lately I have been thinking hard about being overwhelmed. I am not balancing my schedule correctly and even though I am eating Paleo, I am not exercising or sleeping enough. I can see the warning signs blinking off in the distance, warning me what is about to approach, a full scale melt down if I don’t get some balance back in my life. Plus I seriously sit for 12 hours every single day, whether at work, school or in my car. I try to move as much as I possibly can but there is only so much I can. Without exercising, my body is starting to get stiff, sore and at this point I can barely move my neck. U-G-H!

I have been racking and racking my brain on how to incorporate exercise into my day. I tried getting up earlier, since my bed time is so late due to class at night, I could barely see, let alone run. With the two week 100+ degree weather, there was no way I could possibly run in the afternoons. Even now it might still be too hot some afternoons. So what can I do that is simple, no gym required (drive time) and doesn’t require me to be up at the butt crack of dawn or burn alive in the blistering heat?

Of course, I turned to Pinterest, because it seriously has some GREAT ideas/workouts.

If I am able to get up in the mornings…

Sun salutation yoga would be great and get my body stretched out for a long day of sitting. Plus it barely takes any times at all.
For yoga during other parts of the day or just when I need a good stretching…
AND my favorite, a 20 day beginners workout thing to get my body strong and back to in the habit of working out…
I will also be running as much as I possibly can. Weather permitted. 
So I of course made myself accountable by placing it all on a calendar…
In 6 1/2 weeks, I will graduate, well if I stop freaking myself out about tests and then I will LOTS more time to follow a stricter workout plan with a lot more runs in there. Until then, it is better to get my body moving, even a little bit, than not to move at all which has unfortunately been what has been happening. I am sort of an all or nothing kind of gal sometimes. 
Also, I have been really working on following this…
So far, so good! I am crazy busy, my house is a mess, my job is hell most days and I need to workout more, but all in all, I am not unhappy. 
That is my…
Click on the picture and join in the fun!

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