Oh moment…

Last night I dreamed of criminal law. It was the oddest set of dreams where I was yelling out 1st degree, 2nd degree, involuntary manslaughter, during crime scenes. Why would I dream something so weird? Well because before I collapsed into bed delusional and exhausted, I had been up till 12:30 am studying for my criminal law mid term happening tonight. Talk about studying in your sleep. Now keep your fingers crossed I get a good grade. Are they crossed? They better be!

So the real reason I started writing a blog was NOT to whine about my lack of sleep or to tell you my job is seriously stressing me out lately or to mention the fact that I might be bald pretty soon if I don’t stop losing so much hair (who knew you lost hair when you are stressed darn it?!) or to whine about my house being a disaster, though seriously people, it is CRAZY how messy my house is right now.

Nope, none of those things. Instead I would like to discuss my, “OH moment.” Which I understand sounds naughty but um no it isn’t.

This morning while walking down the street to the gas station for my daily dose of crack zero carb energy drink caffeine, I suddenly noticed that I had pulled my slacks up at least four times in less than a block. Odd. I don’t normally have to pull them up so much. Had I lost another button? Nope, everything was buttoned and fine. So I pulled them up really high, like granny style over the belly button high and kept on trucking to the gas station. Later on, after my brain woke up a bit, I started thinking, didn’t my favorite striped slacks fall off my butt numerous times on Monday?

Now I have NEVER bragged that I have a butt or hips. Sadly both are a little bit lacking in my world. So pants having to be pulled up, well it is a daily occurrence in my world and sometimes has almost resulted in some really embarrassing moments. BUT I have NEVER had to pull them up so much so often before, especially my slacks.

Could it be? Well yes, it could, I knew I was losing weight but I didn’t feel smaller. I knew I was able to fit into a dress that was a size smaller last week but I figured it was the brand. I have looked in the mirror and my chubby cheeks don’t seem to have shrunk, the one’s on my face of course. I mean I have noticed subtle things, like my belly no longer sticks out as far and I am able to move more comfortably. But I wasn’t seeing any other changes.

So in excitement of my slacks seriously hanging off my non existent rear, I went on to Torrid and wish listed a few new pairs to try. I might even go try some on in the actual store to see if I have really shrunk a size. One of my favorite things to do is go to Old Navy and Torrid, adding fun clothes to my wish lists and fantasize about having enough money to buy them all. Maybe one day, but not today. BUT I did sweetly ask the hubby if we could budget a few new items for me because seriously, I need some slacks that don’t fall off.

The truth is, I am trying to get braver about my wardrobe. I spent so long hiding my body, ashamed of the weight that I never truly wore anything that fit right. I bought my first pair of shorts last year and finally bought a second pair this year. I have started wearing skirts to work with heels. I wear shirts that show off my arms. BUT some of my slacks are still around from my earlier hide my body phase, where I ordered things not form fitting. So it really shouldn’t have been a shock when I started losing weight (30 pounds so far), that they would get ridiculously loose and start looking like clown slacks. 
I still don’t like how I look in pictures in shorts. Honestly, it is a HUGE battle getting brave enough to start dressing how you want to dress and stop worrying about if people are giving you the ew face behind your back because you are bigger. 
It is for sure time for some form fitting, cute slacks and to toss these falling off my rear unflattering slacks!

Thanks to Paleo and a few habit changes, I am slowly, crawling towards my goal weight. Now I just need to start running again (now that the weather has cooled) and clean up my diet just a little bit more. Who knows what could happen then?!?!

Notice any changes recently about your body?


One thought on “Oh moment…

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Hooray! Seriously, good job.

    Currently, I am on the jet-lag diet. It only requires crossing eight time zones, and you have to be willing to handle unexpected stomach troubles and the tendency to fall asleep standing up …


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