Please hurry up fall…

I come from a small town on the ocean. Beautiful to grow up in, but not a place you can really afford to make a living as easily. When I moved to the city, everything scared me, it was bigger, brighter and louder. I didn’t dress the same, I didn’t talk the same and homeless people scared me. I was used to having one set of clothes, sweatshirts, t-shirts and pants. Rarely did I branch out of these sets of clothes, except when I was at work. Skirts were only on a special occasion and flip flops were never. It was cold. It rained during the winter. It was foggy during the summer.

It took me a couple years to get it. In the city, the summer is hot and I would need to dress appropriately. In the winter the city was freezing and I would need to dress appropriately. It took me another year or so to get brave enough to buy shorts. Then to wear them. But now I feel like an old pro, I shift my clothes into storage at the right time and now have two wardrobes, summer and winter.

It has been over 104 every day for the last week and it isn’t supposed to cool down till this weekend, but only to the low 90’s. The smoke came in yesterday, from all the fires happening in the area and has now settled outside like a hazy cloud. The air quality is so hard to breath. My eyes burn and throat gets scratchy if I attempt to roll down my windows instead of using my A/C. My gas bill is high and my electricity bill will be threw the roof. The dogs won’t go for walks, they walk outside, pant and lay with their belly’s in the air. Even in the mornings it is hot, last night at 10:30 pm, it was still 85 degrees. We even had a few rolling blackouts last night.

These are the days I can’t get used to. These are the days that make me homesick. I miss walking next to the ocean, cold mornings, crisp evenings and being able to run outdoors whenever it wasn’t raining. I haven’t ran for over a week, I am going stir crazy. Simply stir crazy.

I dream of it being fall. It is hard to explain why I love fall so much. Maybe because I was born in fall or maybe because fall feels magical. To me, fall means pumpkin patches and cool nights spent bundled up with fuzzy socks. It means decorating for Halloween and lots of walks/runs. Pumpkin carvings. Decorations. Scarfs. Fuzzy boots. Seriously, I feel like a kid again, this excited feeling bubbles up inside of me. I start wanting to spend rainy days curled up in Barnes and Nobles with a good book and tea. I start wanting to wander through pumpkin patches. I want to create and craft. I want Thanksgiving with lots of good food and usually friends/family. AND this year, fall means graduation.

I come alive in fall. I rarely am in a bad mood. I start eyeballing scarfs and rain boots. I put away all my tank tops and shorts. After fall comes winter and Christmas. More decorating. More activities. In the Christmas the husband and I like to pick up some hot chocolate from Starbucks and drive around to look at all the extravagant lights. We head up to Christmas in Coloma for the arts and crafts, old town feel and horse drawn carriage rides. We hang twinkling icle lights and pick out a real Christmas tree. We start baking all kinds of goodies and making cookie gift baskets for co workers. And this year Pinterest has got me very excited for the holidays because of all the decorating ideas it gave me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending summers camping, inner tubing and hiking to waterfalls. But by August, I am burnt out, hot, cranky from lack of exercise and my skin is terribly dry. By August I miss sleeping with my windows open and having fresh cool air blowing in gently. I miss running. Or walking the dogs at night. By August I am dreaming of fall to start and craving that magical feeling that starts as butterflies in my tummy.

I am ready for Fall, whose with me?!?

So with this heat wave and smoky haze I am still not running. But I am doing my strength program indoors. Tomorrow I have yoga and strength training scheduled. Plus studying for my Criminal Law mid term. Busy busy week. With all the catch up from last week, studying, exercise catching up, getting back on track with eating and house sitting, I will be going going going.

Now keep your fingers crossed that this smoke clears up soon and the heat dies down, I am itching to run.

What is your favorite season? Are you missing fall?


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