WIAW… yummies…

It is time for… duh duh duh…

Want to join in the fun? Head over to Peas and Crayons to find out how! But first, take a look at my eats…
Yesterday, the husband took me out to lunch and I got a little treat…

Not very Paleo, I know, but oh so good after a few weeks of not having any chips! What isn’t pictured? My burrito and nachos. 🙂
Next was dinner, while I was waiting for my husband to finish his swim lessons (he lifeguards and does swim lessons for the kids), I enjoyed the members cafe at his work, with a banana strawberry smoothie and a huge leafy green salad.
Breakfast this morning…
a very yummy smoothie made with a whole bunch of frozen fruit, coconut milk and some ice. Also for breakfast…
Caffeine! String cheese! Trail mix! I am trying not to slip on my Paleo lifestyle too much, since I spent most of the weekend allowing myself little treats (since I was camping), but seriously, shopping at a gas station is not Paleo friendly. 
Trader Joe’s Caesar Salad. 
Yep it is official, I need to go shopping, which I will do tonight but only to survive the rest of the week, there is something I love about grocery shopping on Saturdays, taking my time and enjoying the farmers market!
Another summer staple I love
SMOOTHIES! Now that I have a blender again, I can get creative with all the fresh fruit, plus a little frozen fruit and make smoothies in the morning. OOoohh plus make fresh pesto, which is another summer staple in my world! Have a good Wednesday everyone 😀
What did you eat? Summer staple? Any good smoothie recipes?


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