Retail Therapy…

I will admit, Monday was pretty low for me. I came home after work to discover not a single stitch of underwear or pants were clean nor was there any toilet paper in my house. So I gave up. I stayed home instead of going to school. I drove myself down to Trader Joe’s in yoga sweats and a tank top, picked up a salad for dinner (which is today’s lunch), a Luna bar, a six pack of Hansen’s root beer and a roll of quarters. Went home and did three loads of laundry. Which didn’t even dent the laundry btw. I still have LOTS more to do this weekend.

By Tuesday, after my very long three hour appointment, I decided to comfort myself the best way I know how, with retail therapy!

Crossroads is one of my favorite cheap but name brand places to wander around in looking for great buys…

$158 tag originally, marked down to $40 at crossroads and another half off, so the dress was $18! It looks good, is comfortable and will be great for winter or summer. Next it was off to Ross for a suit…
I am not the biggest fan of skirt suits but this one was pretty cute. Most likely though, I will end up wearing the jacket with black slacks, $20!
Off to Wal-Mart where I got a personal blender, so I can start making smoothies for breakfast and then Petsmart for the animal supplies, a new harness for the puppy and a double leash for both dogs.
The car is clean. I have clean underwear. I have two new cute work outfits. All in all, Tuesday made up for the no good crappy Monday. 
After a full day of work, that is hopefully a lot calmer, tonight is grocery shopping to survive the week before I can do a big shopping trip Saturday, starting my new exercise program and making up my lab I missed on Monday. 
I am honestly just looking forward to this week being OVER and just getting back to the normally scheduled show at this point!
Find any great deals on clothes recently? How was your Monday?


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