Summer Staples… WIAW

“This weeks What I Ate Wednesday post is about any summer staple you would love to gush about.  You can spend an entire day waxing poetic about your favorite summer produce or simply sneak in a few summer-centric recipes along with your food diary-esque What I Ate Wednesday post.”

Oh summer, how I hate your hot sweaty days but love your fruit. My favorite part of summer is the farmers market, which is open year round, but during the summer they have the best fruit. It is delicious, juicy and so very ripe…

I buy big bags of it and spend the whole week munching away at apricots, grapes, strawberry’s, pluots and plums. When I think of summer, I think of fruit and lemonade. I also love love love summer squash. I always bring home way too many zucchini’s from the farmers market and yellow squash, but I seriously love them fried up with a tiny bit of butter or olive oil. They make a perfect side to any dish.
So What have I been eating?
I just started week two of Paleo and I am feeling good about it
Thinking of squash, dinner the other night…
Pork chops and zucchini, the pork chops were seasoned and baked, while the zucchini was thrown into a frying pan with just a tiny bit of butter. Yum! I forgot to take a picture of last nights dinner which was a whole chicken wrapped with bacon, it was delicious. Tonight’s dinner will be a Paleo Pizza, first attempt, wish me luck!
I am having one of those hungry days, so breakfast was done a few times…

Almond butter with a banana, I have actually had a pluot and an apricot, plus some sugar free apple sauce. 
Lunch is going to be…
Some left over chicken from last nights dinner, two hard boiled eggs and that red thing, well that is a beet all cooked up and a little mushy.
Working out in the summer…
I was running in the mornings before it got hot but school/work have been kicking my butt, so running will have to wait for 9 weeks which is when I will graduate. I swim in the outdoor pool where my husband is a lifeguard. I do strength training videos inside the house. AND my favorite summer work out, I go hiking up in the mountains to my favorite waterfalls.

Today I am starting a slightly different work out schedule because I fell off the wagon for almost two months. I will be doing the sun salutation yoga in the morning (been feeling so stiff from 8 hours of sitting at work and 3 hours of sitting at school), a 20 day beginners challenge…
At night it will be another yoga sequence with meditation for reducing my stress. On the weekends I will be adding in my strength training video for 15 minutes and a walk with the dogs. Hopefully by the end of the 20 days, I will be able to start my beginners running program (AGAIN) and not feel so far behind.
So that wraps up my WIAW post this week! It was a long but FUN one, thank you Peas and Crayons!
So what do you love to eat in the summer? How do you beat the heat when working out in the summer?


15 thoughts on “Summer Staples… WIAW

  1. In summertime my workouts head outside. I bike to work a few times a week and I do a lot of hiking. I take advantage of the nice weather because it rains so much here in the winter!!

  2. Fruit is my go to sweet eats. Its the one thing I love to eat most and even in the winter. I wish I had a beautiful place like you have to go hiking. But there is nothing around here.Total bummer. i love to eat paleo, I should start putting up recipes of what I eat. We could always swap.

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