The next big adventure…

This has been the longest day ever. Okay probably not ever, I am most likely slightly over exaggerating, but it is pretty long. The boss man is out of town for the next two days, which means the office is eerily quit, except for the clack of mine and my office managers keys. No clients are coming in, the phone is barely making a peep and even though I have lots of work I am getting done (mostly because said boss man isn’t interrupting me), periodically I find myself staring out the window and daydreaming of being somewhere fabulous like Ireland or Paris.

I have been thinking of these places a lot since graduation has steadily been creeping up on me. Mostly because I keep thinking that I just want to see new places before I settle down in a 9-5 job for the rest of my working years. I am restless obviously. It happens whenever something big in my life is coming to an end. School is ending in 10 weeks. In 10 weeks I will be finding a new adventure. I am just not sure what that adventure is going to be.

In the mean time I find myself enjoying reading for fun again. This last quarter is not about homework but instead about labs and participating in class. It leaves my weekends a little more open these days. Which is great, I am spending time with friends, keeping up on housework and enjoying the free time. On Sundays though, I usually like to read, my current obsession is, The Night Circus.

Truly a great read of imagination, fantasy and a little touch of sadness. 
I am tired of the heat. I am ready for cooler fall evenings, leaves that change colors and sweaters to keep you warm. I love camping and hiking in the summer, walking through the farmers market picking up wonderful summer fruit, but I only can enjoy the summer heat for so long before I am ready for cool evenings and fuzzy socks. Most nights I fall asleep with the A/C running and thinking of how high my electricity bill is going to be. I miss opening my windows to let fresh cool air in. 
One last camping trip this weekend. One last camping trip of the summer. This time it won’t be with friends but instead will be with family. We will be camping in the redwoods, those big massive tree’s I grew up loving. I will get to spend time with my niece and nephew, I will get to chat with my sister face to face instead of on the phone and my husband of six years will get to meet my father for the second time. I have mixed feelings. I love my family but they also drive me a little bonkers. They can be overbearing and stifling. They can make me want to scream because they still think of my as the youngest daughter. They can even be self absorbed. But I love them and we only get all together once or twice a year. 
I should be consumed with the work it is taking to get a state or city job, I should be consumed with my last quarter of college, I should be consumed with eating Paleo and all the weekend plans I had/have, instead I find myself slightly bored and ready for something exciting to touch my life. 


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