Wrong side of the bed…

Everyone in our house has woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Including the animals..

Our normal calm kitty was on a bit of a rampage starting last night…
While Red was trying to sleep, the Bonzai decided that he wanted to play and since she wouldn’t play, he decided he would sit on her head and bite her face. Poor Red.Then this morning he proceeded to walk around the house meowing at everyone, got into the shower, got in trouble for getting in the shower, scratched me because he decided to not aim correctly when he jumped unto the couch, cried at the husband while he was trying to make a lunch for me and hid underneath the bed smacking toes if anyone walked too closely. 
The husband has been having bike issues which has put him in a sour mood. He rides everywhere. We have one car and I am in possession of it. But riding doesn’t bug him, tires popping do. First his bike tires got popped and patched several times. Then he lost the bolt to his tire, so he moved unto my bike till he could buy a new bolt. Then he popped my tires several times and now can’t patch the last one. He went to the bike shop this morning, he needs something called a Mr. Tuffy so that he stops popping inner tubes on the bikes. In other words, it is roughly going to cost close to $30 to repair his tires and another $30 to repair mine, which has to wait a little over a week before I will be able to spare the money. You can bet from now on we will be keeping spare tubes around the house, the man seems to be a tube destroying machine. 
I was late this morning because I couldn’t get out of bed, Thursday are always a hard morning for me after 3 days of work and school. The phone won’t stop ringing at work, so I am not getting any work done and none of my other coworkers seem to be able to answer the phone so I can get some work done. I have already been lectured for something that was out of my control and it is frantic around the office because my boss will be out of town next week. 
Whew, hope this cranky spell passes soon.
Unto my Paleo update, Day 5 (Read about Day 4, Day 3, Day 2 and why I chose Paleo for my health condition):
The goods…
  • I have been feeling slightly less sluggish towards the afternoon. In other words, the exhausting 3:30 pm blahs I usually get are hitting me a little less hard;
  • I don’t have as many tummy aches during the day;
  • I have already lost a few pounds. 
The bads…
  • I feel hungry, a lot, because I am not eating carbs;
  • Figuring out snacks has been complicated and interesting.
I have been really working on gaining new healthy habits. A couple I have started incorporating are, eating first thing in the morning…
(Loving nectarines right now)
This makes it so my body gets fuel right away. Doesn’t need to run on fumes because that is what I used to do and didn’t seem to work right with my body. 
I have also started drinking water first thing in the morning. Heard it was a great idea after your body has burned a lot of water in the night.
I still need to work on snacking while at school and sleeping 8 hours.
Two weeks ago, I set a quit smoking date for tomorrow (July 27th). Last year I was a non smoker for 9 months, I just stopped and loved it. I started back up when my second year legal courses started and life got very overwhelming very quickly. I promised myself I would quit again once things calmed down.
Well I am 10 weeks away from graduating. This quarter is a lot less stress, mainly because we do all the work in class, barely any homework. I am starting a new path on eating better, exercising regularly and smoking doesn’t really fit that theme. I am ready to be a non smoker. But I am nervous as all heck. 
What if I fail again? What if I am embarrassed by my failure? What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t handle stress without them?
UGH! Bubble baths, yoga, running, walking, reading and spending time with non smoking people (which is almost everyone in my life), are my answers right now. I don’t know if this will stick but I do know I can’t stop trying.
Any suggestions for quitting smoking? Ever have to give something up that was really hard to give up? How did you cope?


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