Since Sunday I officially started Paleo, that would make today day 3 and to be honest, I am feeling better. I get hungry more often but that is due to not having carbohydrates constantly being shoved into my body, eventually my body will adjust I am sure.

I was really proud of myself  when I looked at my food tracker yesterday, 51 carbohydrates and only 34 of them were from food other than fruit/vegetables. The one problem, I forgot to bring anything with me to class, so I ended up starving by break. Which meant buying some jerky from the vending machine.

Lucky me, the husband had dinner ready by the time I got home…

Sweet potato fries fried in coconut oil and shoulder steak with mushrooms/onions on top. Very yummy. Note to self, buy more sweet potato’s!
I also kept my handy 24 oz water container…
filled with water all day. I was able to drink 64 oz yesterday, which honestly, felt really good. Not bad for 98 cents at Wal-Mart. My only slip, one Rockstar for caffeine, but after today (hey they were 2 for $4) I will be toughing out the caffeine withdrawals and quitting coffee because I can’t drink it without heaping tons of sugar into it.
This morning I woke up with a little more pep to my step. I don’t know if I feel better because I am feeding my body what it needs or if I just feel really good about these changes. Either way, I will take it.
What I have learned so far, we will need to shop at the Farmers Market weekly. We have already started running out of fruit and a few veggies. We will also need to buy more tuna packets because I seem to love love love them in my lunches. Then of course, as I mentioned above, I will need to start thinking about during school snacks to bring with me. Before I never thought of food during school, now I find that I am super hungry. 
What are you currently loving in your lunches? How often do you shop?


One thought on “Yum…

  1. That is awesome the paleo diet is working for you 🙂 It is great when you find something that works for you. You are doing it the right way and taking the change slowly.

    I am currently loving my mixed veggies and a half a steak with it. I change up the protein every week from chicken to pork tenderloin. I love my light lunches and can tell if I eat at the marketplace and get too heavy of a lunch.

    Great work!

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