Epic grocery shopping…

Today is one of those Sunday’s where I am moving slow and reluctant to get out of bed, so I just brought the laptop to me and decided to stay in bed for a little bit longer, I am also steadily avoiding my very messy house and smelly litter box.

Yesterday was one of those perfect days, which was nice because Friday was a very morose day. Friday I had been hesitant, unsure about all my decisions and wobbling about everything. I had called a few people in hopes of chatting with them Friday to turn my mood around but of course those people never called me back or even bothered to care. It is funny how you always answer the phone when people need you but certain people never answer their phone when you need them. It just left me more storm cloudy. BUT by Saturday morning I was ready to change that mood.

As I have mentioned once or twice (three or six times), I am going Paleo, just as an experiment to see if the reduced carbs and sugars help with my condition. (You can read more about it in this post and this post). We invited friends to the farmers market on Saturday morning with us, they happened to have the day off as well, are our favorite couple to double date with and are doing Paleo too (actually they gave me the idea). Well one is also a chef and I knew she would love the farmers market as much as me. 

The farmers market is one of my favorite places to go to. The husband and I discovered it last summer while we were on the hunt for the perfect summer fruit. Our farmers market is year round and we have scoped out each vendor so that we know exactly who we prefer to get what from. Our strawberry lady is amazing…

Store bought strawberry’s just aren’t the same after enjoying these beautiful scrumptious fruits. I am currently eating some while in bed blogging. Yum!
We also have our plum guys…
Plums, nectarines, pluots (plum with an apricot) etc from here are always ripe and simply delicious. 
We also picked up fresh beets, chives, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn (even though it is a Paleo no no), zucchini, eggs, honey, onions and jalapeno’s (for guacamole).  The truth is the farmers market is actually cheaper than what we would have spent at the store and it is organic. 
Next was Whole Foods for the more complicated items I wasn’t sure I could find at our normal grocery store..
Coconut oil for baking with and sometimes cooking (though the husband isn’t a big fan of coconut so we will probably be sticking with olive oil for cooking). 
Coconut milk and almond milk. We all stood in the aisle for ten minutes discussing the sugar content and carb content in all the different kinds and flavors. In the end we finally settled on unsweetened almond milk and original coconut milk.
Coconut flour. Which was fairly cheap. I also was on the hunt for almond flour…
But that came from Trader Joe’s instead because the only almond flour Whole Foods offered was $10.99 for a small bag, oh hell no.
Then it was on to our normal grocery store for all the meat and extras. Having someone else that was doing Paleo really helped. We read the back of containers together and she gave me lots of helpful hints on how to use it while cooking. I think if the husband and I had been alone we might have slipped on a few things but having friends with us kept us accountable. Either way, we only went slightly over our food budget which is just amazing, I really thought it was going to break the bank but it didn’t. I now know I just need to adjust my food budget slightly now to accommodate Paleo. 
Oh but the day didn’t end there. We decided afterwards to go a little unhealthy and have Chinese food for lunch. The best part about our favorite Chinese food place is that it is cheap. Super cheap. As well as yummy. Though I think they probably should have proof read their menus a little bit better…
Can you find the error? 
Then we all went to see Ted…
Now the husband and I rarely splurge on movies, but first of all we thought it would be funny, I needed the mood booster and well we were with friends. It was a cute and funny movie. Lots of laughs and 80’s/90’s humor, you could tell the younger generations didn’t get a lot of the references. 
After that it was back to our house to spend time with our poor neglected animals (they usually get our attention on the weekends), where we had a few drinks, discussed/debated nutrition and laughed as only friends that our comfortable with each other can do. I realized at that point I was really lucky to have them in our life. I am really lucky to have the few amazing people I do have, obviously on Friday I called the wrong people and should have instead called people I knew would have talked out my moroseness with me.
The only problem with Saturday, I never made it to Wal-Mart to get toilet paper, I never cleaned my house and I still need to mail off a few bills, which the husband has assured me we will do tonight when he gets off work. So what am I doing this Sunday? Well I was going to meet my Mom for pedicures but sadly I spent my pedicure money on healthier food yesterday. So instead I am meeting above mentioned friend at her house for what we are deeming, girls craft day. Which basically translates into eating good food (she is a chef after all), playing around with crafts (she is amazingly creative) and just being girls while the menfolk work. 
This weekend was just what I needed and I am really loving this barely having homework last quarter of college
Well I am off to clean the house (it is seriously scary folks and that litter box wreaks), take a shower and then hop on over for girls craft day. 
How has your weekend been? How do you grocery shop? How do you prepare for new diet changes?


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