Preparing for a change…

Hello new classes. I will be a college graduate in 11 weeks. WOW! So last quarter revolved around TONS of homework, it was all very overwhelming. This quarter is a little different. My labs and in class work are worth all the points, barely any homework except reading but we are actually being treated like paralegals. The classes are set up like law firms and our teachers are actually attorneys, you get thrown a few case details, told to prepare some documents and then you are thrown into the water with very little guidance. This all translates into, long class nights and perfect attendance. But I honestly am already loving these classes. I feel like a real paralegal. 

It has been hard for some people in my life to understand why my priorities have changed, I went from not caring about work or health, to spending the last year trying to obtain a career and get healthy. My goal on getting healthy never had to do with a pant size or certain look, it had to do with a feeling. This feeling feels something like having energy on a daily basis, not being anemic, tired, sluggish and cranky. Mostly I just wanted to help my body find peace with itself and PCOS.

Lately I have been forgetting these reasons which has resulted in some serious slacking on my part. It has been a month since I have eaten food that makes me feel good, instead I have been settling for food I know won’t mesh well with me because it is convenient and it fills me up.

I am an emotional eater. My first instinct in a stressful situation is to reach for the chocolate or chips. Certain people can trigger me to start stuffing horrible food down my face just because well they are very negative people in my life (even though I love them). I revert back to being that teenage girl hiding Top Ramon in her room and sneaking out with friends to gorge on fast food.

The funny thing is though, I now notice the difference. When I eat healthy I actually have energy, I sleep better, I want to exercise. When I don’t, I am sluggish, I have 3:30 pm crashes, I toss and turn at night. I can also feel the difference in the way my PCOS is acting, my body just isn’t processing what I put in it right, so it is rebelling, I get crankier faster and more often. It is those little shifts that finally pushed me to try Paleo.

I don’t think this will be a cure. I don’t think it will reverse my condition. My hopes are simple really, to feel better, to have more energy and to follow a guideline that will help me later on down the road when making food decisions. My hope is also with seriously cutting carbs/sugars, my body will start losing weight a little easier. My mosh podge of random eating is helping but I always tend to slip out of boredom with my food and stressful times. I am giving myself 30 days, if I hate it or don’t feel a difference then it goes. If I fall in love with it, it stays.

Anyways, I have been terribly excited to say the least. I have been feeling so crappy, sleeping so horribly (4 hours last night ugh) and craving good healthy food strongly. I am really looking forward to seeing if this works, if this lifestyle could help me feel better, maybe even feel a little normal, which has been rare in my world thanks to PCOS.

This whole week has been all about preparing for the Paleo lifestyle switch over. Here is something I have learned about myself, I have to be disciplined, I need lists to go shopping, a to do list to keep me on tasks with my chores and a work out list to keep me accountable for work outs. I make menus during the week for dinners. I always have huge to do lists sitting around and it works for me. It is also what makes my husband and I an odd pair, he thrives in chaos, I thrive in organization. With school, work and life, my head gets going too fast and if I don’t have that reminder keeping me on task I will forget. This trait, also makes me a good paralegal.

So in preparation of switching over to Paleo, I have downloaded samples on my kindle of cookbooks, printed out TONS of recipes, done TONS of research and made myself a homemade Paleo cookbook which contains useful information and a ton of random recipes.

I also prepared our shopping list, recipe list and menu for the next couple of weeks…

Then I prepared a work-out calendar…


Now these are just guidelines, I can change them based off of how hard my work load has been at school, how exhausted I am, what I want to cook that night etc. I have Paleo approved deserts for those sweet tooth cravings and I have made sure to make my runs on days that are doable schedule wise as well as in the morning before it gets too hot.

How do you prepare for food changes? Changes in general? Do you make lists or just keep it all in your head?


One thought on “Preparing for a change…

  1. I just started tracking my workouts on Daily Mile. Have you considered it? I love it because you actually see that you've accomplished something and it keeps you motivated. Check it out and if you sign up, send me a friend request! And I am totally a list person too! It helps me feel in control.

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