Sloth weekend…

Whew, what a weekend. I am so very not proud of the sloth like attitude I had.
No no no not as in the I am a lovable furry cutie, more like the very slow moving and lazy part.

On Friday afternoon I had great plans for what I was going to do this weekend. Get back into running, take the doggies for walks in the evenings, garden, clean, do some yoga from Netflix and try out my new work out video (that has been sitting on my TV for three weeks now). On top of that I was going to knit, work on scrap-booking and spend Sunday with the husband.

Well that didn’t happen.

Saturday was my day off without the husband around which translates into, cleaning day. In my world, when the husband isn’t around, I stick some ear phones in and gets to cleaning. I try to make it exercise worthy by dancing around and working up a sweat. According to my SparkPeople I probably burned around 900 calories, maybe next time I should wear my work out tracker!

But first breakfast…

Cantaloupe yum, scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes. I am pretty proud of that breakfast, I am not the greatest cook so it is always a shock to me when I can manage to feed myself a pretty decent meal without the husband around. Just ignore the mound of cheese and it is a pretty healthy.

So back to the not so exciting Saturday, after deep cleaning the whole house in a sweaty mess, a cold shower and some frustration at the puppy using my flat as a toss in the air and catch toy (even if she was being super adorable about the whole thing, it was still disturbing to look out the window to see my flat fly through the air every few seconds), I helped a friend understand some Probate forms which of course made me feel pretty smarty pants.

I figured when the husband got home we could take a walk around the block with the doggies. Instead we laid around in front of the TV eating Chicken salad, guacamole burgers and chocolate chip muffins.

Sunday I woke up later than I planned and the husband got called into work. Which was a HUGE disappointment, our one day off together, ruined. I whined, moaned and groaned till he left than made myself breakfast. It reflected my mood, the pancakes stuck to the pan even after I washed it twice, so I ended up with scrambled eggs and sausage.

(Only good picture of breakfast)
So did I go for a run? Did I dance to some music? Did I do some yoga? Take a bubble bath? Take full advantage of a day left to my own devices? NO, I wallowed in self pity on the couch, painting my nails…
(Orange with sparkles yay)
watched the puppy sleep…
(doesn’t she look like yoda?)
Sewed buttons back on my striped pants, dreamed of some new outfits while on Pinterest, watched all three seasons of Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and made myself left overs…
(Guacamole burgers and chicken salad)
By the time the husband got home, I was whining on the phone to my Mom.
What a waste of a weekend with no homework. I seriously didn’t take advantage of the alone time to get in some much needed exercise which just feels wrong to me. I have been noticing the pounds coming back on due to non exercise and my horrible diet lately, so I was really hoping to get in some run time or at least a work out video. UGH, stupid sloth weekend. I seriously felt like one of those co-dependent people that can’t do anything without their spouse. I am great at being independent, but this weekend I just didn’t want to do anything without him.
BUT next weekend should be better. I have women’s circle on Friday and I have been promised by the husband that next weekend, on Saturday he will NOT be working. He will go grocery shopping for all the new ingredients to go Paleo, maybe yard sale a bit for fun and then he will have a date night with me of sushi and a movie. Sunday is of course homework night for me because I am starting my new and last quarter tonight (twelve weeks, I am almost done with college).
I slept horribly last night and needed an extra big cup of sugary coffee, as well as…


Yoplait light blackberry yogurt and a melon of some sort, (there was a bunch of melon on sale last time I went shopping).

This week I have vowed to clean up my diet, especially since I am starting Paleo as of Friday and get in at least a few walks if not runs at some point. Must get back on track or else I will hate myself when I do start exercising again. 
How was your weekend? Please tell me it was better than mine?

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