A little bit of random fun…

My eyes are burning, by Thursdays I am usually exhausted and have a very hard time getting out of bed. It is like four days of class plus work just kicks my buttocks. Coffee.. need more coffee…

I have been reading so many articles on the do’s and don’ts of the Paleo diet. I have been mass reading negative, positive and neutral articles about the benefits of the Paleo diet. I have been researching PCOS with a Paleo diet, recipes and adding books to my Amazon wish list. I got a lot of knowledge about PCOS and why carbs are so bad for women with my condition from this article. Paleo can help lower testosterone levels (one of my biggest problems with my body right now) according to this article.

BUT after almost a week of research and being on Google, I have decided that the pros outweigh the cons, but that I will need to be careful with certain things, such as eating lean meat and buying organic as much as possible. I know this is going to be a HUGE change, but after talking it out with a few of my friends that are doing similar if not identical diets, hearing their successes, I am sure that this is worth a try. When you have a health condition that rules your life, anything is worth trying once, if it doesn’t help, find something new. Since PCOS has come a long ways since I was 13 years old, but still isn’t there 100%, I will just need to find what works for me through LOTS of trail and error. But in the last year of trail and error, I have lost 30 pounds, so there is that. July 20th, Paleo here we go!

I can see my future looming over me. Sometimes it is a little intimidating. With my college degree literally 12 weeks away, I sometimes wonder if I will be cursed into the 9-5 work place for the rest of my life and is that what I really wanted? I know I do, but you can’t help but self doubt when changes are staring in your face with a determined steely look. My knee’s are slightly wobbly, as I take step after step towards my future, my adulthood, my 30’s. Yes, I am only 27 years old, I know, but my 28th birthday and my college graduation are all in one month and they are coming up soon.

Combine this with finals week, which translates into finishing all my final projects and studying every spare second of the day and lets throw in my boss being on a rampage for the fun of it. My house is a mess, I have dark circles (again), my yard looks like a trashy dog poop fest with dead flowers and I am eating everything that I shouldn’t be eating. 

There is a part of me that is extremely excited though. I have started applying for what I consider real jobs, with real salaries, that will pay off real debt and give me a real future. I have started finding solutions to a health problem that I have steadily ignored for over 10 years. It feels good to not be ignoring it anymore and to be so open about talking about my condition. Why should I be embarrassed like I have been for years?

Life is a changing and with all of this seriousness, I needed some goofiness. Where better to find some then on Yahoo News.

“Women watched NASCAR with deceased man for over a year”:

Oh no, I am NOT kidding. I laughed the whole way through this very short article. Not a lot of details, like did he start to stink? How did he die? Some days I think I am crazy, then I read articles like this and realize I am not.

“This dancer has some interesting moves”:
Sexy! You’re welcome!

“Laughter group forced to stop”:
How would you like to live next door to this group?

“California Man finds 50,000 bees inside home”:
Really? I mean I notice when there is one bee buzzing around, you didn’t notice 50,000? Oh wow!

“CDC Creates a wedding survival guide: this is not a test”:

And people ask why I opted for a small, non traditional, totally non wedding type wedding? Uh, yeah, don’t wonder anymore, wearing a big dress, though a dream of mine, is not THAT important.

So there you go, some humor to brighten up your day and mine.

What do you do to brighten up a bad week? Any fun articles you read recently?


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