Bad day fantasies and some hope…

It is the small accomplishments in life that can turn a bad day to a good day. Yesterday was one of those days that left me hollow and contemplating moving into a tent somewhere in a green forest or by the ocean. I could garden my food right? Barter for other items. I mean I did discuss going Paleo in yesterdays post.

When I get really stressed I start picturing getting a nice inheritance or gift from someone for graduation. Enough to travel for a year without having to work. I would sling a backpack on my shoulders and travel to Italy, Paris, Rome, Scotland, Ireland and Bali.

I can see it now, drinking coffee in a cafe in Paris…

Eating pizza in Italy…
Seeing the history in Rome…
Seeing the beauty in Scotland…
Hiking through the greenness of Ireland…
AND staying in a hut in Bali…
I know my husband would be more than willing to travel for a year with me. I know it would be a scary adventure and part of me is petrified of the idea. Who would raise my animals for me? Plus I can’t afford it, so I just fantasize about it on bad days. *sigh* Bubble officially popped and I am off topic.

Bad day, yesterday, one of those days that my boss decided to nitpick small tiny things that aren’t really important but he was irritated so he took it out on me days. Bad days that remind me why I am working so hard to be a paralegal instead of staying in the position I am in now (legal receptionist). After this really bad day, all I wanted to do was drink wine, crawl into my husbands arms and watch How I Met Your Mother episodes till I felt better. What I really did was, change into pants, let the dogs out and fight traffic to make it to school on time in 100 degree weather. Then sat through numerous boring final presentations (I had already done mine on week 10), turned in my huge final portfolio and worked on one last project in class. By 8:00 pm we were done and ready to go home. I was ready to go home. But first I knew I needed to take my typing test, it has been hanging over my head ever since I started second year. It is one of my graduation requirements and it always makes me panic when I think about taking it. 

See I type fast, sometimes above 80 wpm, but my errors are horrible, super high, 15-20 errors. I need 55 wpm with 5 errors to pass and get my typing certificate. So I braved it, walked into the typing room and took a chance. The first two tests I got 335 errors, what???? Turns out I had picked the wrong test template, whoops. The third shot, with shaky hands, I managed to type 75 wpm with only 5 errors. It took me a second to realize that I had just passed my typing test and with flying colors. Most law firms only want to see 45 wpm – 65 wpm. I called my teacher over, who gushed and gave me a high five and printed out a pretty blue certificate for me to put on my wall or in my portfolio or give to prospective jobs. 

That small accomplishment managed to whip that bad day around. I proudly showed my husband, who gave the appropriate amount of “You’re awesome’s,” then applied for the two jobs I needed a typing certificate for and mailed off proof of my certificate to another city job that I want to take the exam for in September (but needed the typing certificate submitted as well). I also updated my resume. Now that I have proof I can type, an essential skill in the paralegal world, I feel confident a good job will come my way by the time I graduate college in 3 months. 

After three days of discussing in length with my husband the pros and cons of the Paleo diet, we are going to give it a try starting July 20th. There are plenty of recipes to try. Plenty of options in the lifestyle so as not to feel deprived and I can stop it at anytime. Plus too many good reasons to try it when you have PCOS. I have printed out a whole book of recipes to try, which I gathered from all different websites (I am making my own scrapbook cooking book thing) and a guideline as to what to eat/not eat. The husband is fully on board, though he has already lost a ton of weight recently, so he will be allowed to eat sugars and carbs on his own personal time. 

My hope, that I will feel better again. Have energy again. Not get a crash at 3:30 pm every day. And since I am graduating in 12 weeks, I will have lots of time to make homemade meals again and try out new recipes. Until then the husband will be the chef. 
With the weather being in the 100’s this week and no spare time due to finals, I haven’t ran recently or gone to Tai Chi or Zumba or Yoga. I can feel it effecting my body and when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had gained 3 pounds back.
Grr body grr! Must find the energy to get back on track, hopefully changing my diet will be the push I need to start exercising again. 
Any small accomplishments recently? How has your week been? What do you fantasize about when you are having a bad day?

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