Eats, exercise and a new possible diet… Hello Monday

It is Monday and I am exhausted. You want to know the problem with a three day camping weekend?Coming home. Once home it was jump into the shower and scrub two days worth of dirt off of me. Scrub the dogs because they rolled in the dirt constantly. Go get the cat from my Mom. Grocery shop. Unload car. Start two loads of laundry. Study for final till 12 am. Wake up exhausted this morning. The worst part? My house is still a disaster, I have clothes to fold, dishes from camping to wash and more loads of laundry to do. Plus a contracts project to finish by Thursday and Thursdays final to study for.

Finals week is upon me and it is already exhausting me.

But all in all, it was worth it, I had a great camping trip. Perfect friends to take with us, perfect time, perfect food and perfect weather.

One of the things I love about camping is exercising without even knowing it. Saturday we (husband and friends) all hiked down to the reservoir near our camp site. We swam for almost two hours against currents, diving to see who could touch the log and exploring the bottom of the reservoir with our goggles on. The dogs sunbathed on the rocks the whole time.

After that, it was an uphill walk back to our campsite. From not working out for the last few weeks, I was seriously out of shape. I huffed and puffed slowly behind the boys. Oh well, nice reminder to get back to running this week.

Once I got cell service back I logged my exercise on Sparkpeople and was shocked to learn I burned 2500 calories that day. Which is a good thing because I had eaten smores the night before.

As for eats, camping food is not healthy food. We BBQ’ed chicken the first night, which wasn’t bad but we also had bacon/sausage each morning for breakfast, sandwiches slobbed with mayonnaise for lunch and smores after dinner. Plus there is photographic evidence on my friends camera of me reading my Health magazine while eating Oreos and drinking a Coke. Let’s just not even talk about that.

So I gained a few pounds by the time I came back. So back on eating plan this morning…

with some string cheese. Yum!
The only other complaint I have about camping is the little to no sleep which I greatly needed. We stayed up late chatting with everyone and the minute the sun hits the tent, I am awake. Then when I got home, I had good intentions of sleeping early but studying for my final kept me awake instead. Tonight I have vowed to go to bed early since class will be over right after the final. In order to get up to exercise, I have to start sleeping. 
Ever hear of a  paleolithic diet? I have a friend who is going to start one on the 15th. She said last time she did it, she lost 10 pounds and it allows very little carbs. Now I am not a good diet person but I have been thinking that in order to shed another 30 pounds in the next few months, I need to step up my game big time. I mean zumba on Friday’s (still need to call that studio for pricing), running every other day and a strict diet of barely any carbs. I am doing my research though. I won’t do anything without researching it extensively. But I am really tired of this plateau I am on.

Back to the grind. Wish me luck on finals.

How was your weekend? Any new diets you have tried that have worked? 


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