How I spent my 4th…

I will never understand why we spend the 4th of July lighting fireworks, BBQ’ing and drinking. It is simply baffling. Normally though, I am all for the BBQ’ing but this year, like the last couple of years, I spent my 4th a little differently.

I waited patiently till the husband went to work and then I put the puppy in her carrier. My whole goal was to get every single final project that is due next week DONE, so I can enjoy the husbands three day birthday camping trip in peace. So I took over the couch with my Family Law books first…

(I have an office but I prefer to watch TV while doing homework)
After about an hour of non stop typing, I took a little hydration break…
Then it was back to typing up my MSA for Family Law…
After another couple of hours, I figured my brain could use a break and the puppy needed to run around…
She took full advantage of the situation and starter up her favorite game…
Roll around on the floor with her tire.
Then she decided some snuggling was in order…
After about an hour or so of that.. back in her carrier she went and I started homework again…
Red dog checked in a few times…
but mostly she stayed in the bedroom, shaking, panting and hiding from all the loud bangs/pops/sizzles from the fireworks. The cat hung out with her.
I have to admit though, my resolve almost broke down several times when I smelled very yummy BBQ wafting in the windows. My temptation was to throw the big dog in the car, go down to the river and just play in the water with her. I was tempted to fire up the husbands grill and start BBQ’ing something, anything. I thought more than once about margaritas and guacamole. 
But I held strong. Until around 8:00 pm at night, when I realized that Aunt Flow had suddenly reared her ugly head, almost two weeks early (thank you stress) and I had only one lady product left. So after a few panic stricken text messages and one call the husband made, my hero’s came in the form of two friends. Actually the same friends that are going camping with us tomorrow. I was mortified but ever so grateful that they were willing to drive all the way to my house just to deliver me a box of tampons. Talk about some good friends!
While we waited, we watched the big firework display they do in our area from our yard. The puppy was very excited about the bangs, but we left the big dog inside to hide away. 
After a few more hours in front of the computer, I finally stacked up 2 final portfolios, neatly organized and tabbed, one 14 page MSA fully typed and two huge case briefs, typed and properly cited on the kitchen table with strict instructions that the husband don’t drop food on them or move them AT ALL. 
It only took me till 12:30 a.m. to finish all my final projects, UGH. 1:00 a.m., that was when I was finally able to crawl into bed completely EXHAUSTED. Which is also when the neighbors finally stopped setting off fireworks and the big dog finally stopped panting obsessively. 
I am paying for it this morning. My eyes are scratchy and I have the sunken in tired look. My solution, spending five extra minutes applying a TON of cover up to get rid of the dark circles/blotchy skin, a whole lot of eye shadow to distract from the tired look and a cute hairstyle in hopes of also distracting from my exhausted look. AND since I am well loved, the husband generously handed me a coupon for a free drink from Starbucks, I just had to promise to buy him a birthday drink tomorrow on our way out of town. 
13 more weeks, 13 more weeks, 13 more weeks till I am a college graduate and not sleep deprived anymore!!!!!!!! 
As for weight loss, well my current weight is holding strong. I would rather be losing weight, but at least I haven’t gained any, which is a big deal since I am not running or exercising at all right now. Well unless you count my deep cleaning/shaking bum bum cleaning day. I have just been so overwhelmed and completely exhausted. But after lots of relaxation and hiking this weekend, we are back on track starting Monday. 
How was your 4th? Do anything fun? 


2 thoughts on “How I spent my 4th…

  1. My fourth was not very exciting either. Although I did go clothes shopping, which I desperately needed. ate lunch with a friend. Then when got home I had to study and the Mr. went fishing. I studied til 11pm, because I couldnt hold my eyes open any longer.

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