Miscellany Monday on Tuesday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
(It is my first time linking up with lowercase letters with Miscellany Monday, I am a little late but here we go anyways. Check out lowercase letters and join in)

1. It is finals week next week and I planned the husbands camping trip for the weekend before finals. Not a great move on my part and completely by accident. So I have been spending every spare second pouring through a 30 page MSA and studying for final exams. BUT 13 more weeks and I will have my degree.

2. The puppy still hasn’t grown into her ears. Her ears are far too big for her head, but in a completely adorable way. She also shows her mood with her ears, back means she is in trouble or sulking, straight up means she is really excited and to the side mean relaxed.

3. The Red dog is having melt down after melt down. It is that time of the year for fireworks and she hates the loud pops, bangs and sizzling noises. It has been this way for seven long years and it means one of use always stays home with her on the 4 of July so she doesn’t give herself a stroke or something bad like that. My neighbors have been setting fireworks for a week now. I am with her, it is starting to get annoying.
4. I have no motivation to start this week but started it has and it is going to be a busy one. Getting my homework done, studying like crazy for finals week, getting everything done at work in two days and packing for camping. Why is it the weeks that are the busiest are the weeks that I want to crawl back into bed?
Well that is it. A few miscellany stuff on Tuesday!


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