To do lists, Zumba and life is an adventure…

Some people have song lyrics, some people have stories to write and some people have a whole bunch of random movie trivia. Me, well I have to do lists running through my brain constantly.

Yesterday I got all excited about having a weekend with no plans. So what did this wild girl do, I made a to do list for each day of responsible things that needed to be done, you know, because I have the spare time.

Today’s to do list is the longest, it has all my deep cleaning chores on there with details and little notes. (Just in case I forgot how to deep clean my house). (Is it sad that I am excited about being able to try out my homemade cleaners myself this week, since the husband did the deep cleaning last week?)

Saturdays to do list has all my homework assignments on it. I have TONS of final projects to finish before camping next weekend and tons more studying to do as well. Wait, wait, I also added in a few fun things like Old Navy’s $1 flip flop sale, sew buttons on my slacks, download new running playlist and wash car. Woohoo. Do I know how to have fun or what?

Now Sunday is the real gem, you ready for it, I deemed Sunday my special day:

Paint nails;
Read Health magazine while in bubble bath;
Straighten hair for next week;
Shave legs;
Put lotion on every inch of my poor dry skin;
Face mask; and,
Clean up house before work week starts.

Isn’t that an AMAZING to do list? I thought so.

Of course I didn’t forget about exercise either, I also have take walk with dogs tonight, Do brand new exercise video on Saturday plus a yoga video on Netflix and go for a run on Sunday in my favorite park.

Ooohh, thinking of exercise, I also found this neat little Zumba studio. They actually offer Zumba on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, which is better than most gyms who only offer Zumba during the day (hello some of us work) or on the nights I have class (and are students). I tried Zumba once, it was a slight disaster but honestly, I would need to try it a few more times before I gave up on it. Plus my friend is willing to be dragged to Friday nights class with me. If the price is right, I think I will give it a go after camping. Do you Zumba? Now I just need to find a belly dancing class I like and a yoga studio near my house.

I don’t know about you, but it has been a long week. One positive thing that happened this week was last night in Contracts we got to do a mock trial, where we were split up into two groups and told to argue our sides in front of 3 judges (classmates). Guess what? My side won!! We also split up again into groups and competed over which group could write the best contract for extra credit. (We won’t find out who won till next week.) I was reminded by doing these things, laughing with my fellow classmates, researching the law we would use in our mock trial, coming up with valid arguments, getting the facts together, why I love being in the legal field. I don’t always love it, but I know that once I find a firm that will use my skills I have gained over the last two years, I will love being a paralegal. The best part, afterwards our teacher went over different techniques you can use when presenting your argument to a judge, I was fascinated.

The truth is, I need a year off after the last two years of being a crazy person. But if after that year, I am still loving what I do, I have been mulling over possibly transferring to a local law school here, instead of moving and maybe attempting to get a law degree. But like I said, I would need to do a lot of thinking first, that is a WHOLE lot of student loans and schooling.

It gave me hope again. Just because school is ending, doesn’t mean that there isn’t still adventures out there for me. After the last few months of feeling so overwhelmed, exhausted and pessimistic, it felt good to see the light again.

It is those small moments that remind you of your dreams and keep you moving forward, like a five pound loss on the scale, a good night in class, running longer than you have ran before etc. 
Any plans this weekend? What adventures are you currently doing or planning? 

2 thoughts on “To do lists, Zumba and life is an adventure…

  1. Your to do lists are outrageous. I only do a list for packing and food shopping. Oh yea running errands too. I love the quotes, love…love them. Well your excited about using the cleaners because you made them, but yes its still a little sad. lol.I have a degree as a paralegal, how funny that we have that in common. I love the law too. My plans are to go to school tomorrow, then hit Magic Mike movie since it was sold out tonight. Then on Sunday I plan on getting paint to paint my tables in my living spaces. Thats it for me. Have a great weekend.

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