Learning to eat…

I am trying a new yogurt…

(Authors note, I am in no way affiliated with Chobani, they did not ask me to write about their product or review it, nor did they send free samples (even if I think they should), these are strictly my thoughts).
I don’t know what possessed me to give this product a try, it has slightly more carbs and sugars than my normal Yoplait yogurt but they were on sale and I had never tried Greek yogurt. A little thick but yummy. I only got a few because honestly if I ate them everyday my carb count would be high, but I can at least enjoy them every once in awhile and as an added bonus they have great protein. Raspberry so far is my favorite. 
When I decided to lose weight, I knew my biggest challenge was going to be food. First of all, I was an emotional eater, during emotional times I would either overeat or not eat at all. 
Also I grew up with a vegetarian, so when I think healthy, I automatically think no red meat. So that is what I did, I just ate chicken at first and salads. I got so frustrated, so bored and so red meat hungry, I started binge eating on pizza/hamburgers/candy bars whenever no one was looking. 
It didn’t help that I was very anemic and was craving red meat.
So after awhile of being super frustrated, I went on a no carb and no sugar diet. I hate the word diet, even the word makes me want to run to the store and shove chips down my throat as fast as possible. So as you can guess, that diet went over well. I was eating lots of meat but feeling STARVED all the time because I never had any carbs in my system. It sucked. I lost weight though.
I also went through a short period where I was eating very little calories a day, again losing weight but not healthy in the slightest. 
So I consulted my old friend Google.com. I started researching PCOS losing weight techniques, diets, eating healthy, recipes, low carb recipes, gluton free recipes, being a vegetarian etc etc etc. I wanted knowledge on all different eating styles so I could pick one that felt right for me. 
Finally you know what I settled on? Not beating myself up. I try to always read the back of containers before I eat something. I keep my carbs down. I drink as much water as I can remember. I eat fresh fruits and veggies. I am always on the hunt for new products or recipes. But I don’t get mad if I slip. I don’t beat myself up over a high calorie day. I try not to let the scale make or break my day. 
It doesn’t work for everyone. I have talked to people that if they eat the same thing everyday, it helps them stay on track. I am just not one of these people. I love trying new recipes, two of my favorites have been the guilt-free cheeseburger and broccoli beef. Last night I made a guacamole turkey burger, that was messy but oh so yummy. The night before that was crockpot beef stew. 
Here is what does work for me though, I keep track of my calories on Sparkpeople. Mostly because I want to know what I am putting in my body. Seeing how high my calorie intake was when I was drinking frappucinos daily, made me switch to normal coffee. Seeing how high even a taco from Taco Bell shot up my calorie intake, made me eat way less fast food. It makes me accountable and educates me on foods. 
I also talk to other people about recipes and peruse the healthy recipe sections of my Health magazines and SF Chronicle.
I make up a weekly meal plan. If I know what I am making, it is easier to grocery shop and I won’t get lazy. I noticed when I lay out the next weeks worth of food I tend to just automatically make that item on that night. When I wasn’t doing that and was just buying general food, I was buying junk more often than not to fill in the gaps and a lot of the time I would just grab a $5 pizza. I also don’t keep sugar or sodas in the house, if I have to leave to get them, usually I won’t. 
It is a slow process but I do try to make up for bad days with lots of exercise. 
Thinking of exercise, back on track, today is Tai Chi, tomorrow I am getting up early to run in the morning and Friday I am going to take a power walk with the doggies probably in the evening. 
Just got to prep my MP3 player with new music. I am obsessed with Katy Perry’s new one, “Wide Awake.”
How do you eat healthy? Any tricks? What songs do you listen to when you are working out? 


6 thoughts on “Learning to eat…

  1. U2 is on my iPod right now. “In the name of love.”

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned shoving chips down your throat. That could be me.

    In terms of eating healthy, I try to think about what my body needs for fuel. I eat Greek yogurt (Chobani, definitely, but there are others) every morning with fruit. For lunch, I usually have a sandwich but sometimes it is a Luna bar. I try to eat food that doesn't come in a package. Dinner is chicken and a salad with nuts, cranberries, and blueberries, but I love that combination. Turkey burgers with guacamole rock the planet.

    My real problem foods are bread and cookies. Carbs. Carbs. And more carbs.

  2. Google has been my best friend through this journey. That is how I found new and easy low calorie recipes. (I am not much of a cook so 5 ingredients or less is the best haha)I also used it to find numerous articles and blogs on weight loss. Tips, recipes and studies… you name it, I have read it. I think the biggest thing is asking questions and learning what works for you.

    You are doing a great job! Keep up the awesome work!
    (Guilty pleasure song at the gym: The Wanted-Glad you came 😛 )

  3. Your doing a great job, at least you realized the most important thing through all your dieting. Which I HATE that word too. Is not to beat yourself up. If you ever feel the need to be an emotional eater, which my cousin is too, she always says to herself “why am I punishing myself right now” “this wont make me feel any better, it will make me feel worse” She says this helps her alot. I love the song 8 mile by Eminem. Also truly love Katy Perry and all her songs especially wide awake. I think you should take this post and linking it up with Fitness Friday at http://jillconyers.com/ tomorrow morning. I do it every friday. You will get more readers and we are all trying to talk about what we have been up to in the fitness and health aspects of our lives. People post recipes, fitness tips, running tips. Its great. check it out. The ladies are great.

  4. I never thought to work out to U2.. hmm ideas 🙂

    I know, I look comical when I do it too, this panicked look in my eyes.

    That is a great idea, food that doesn't come pre packaged, I never thought about that.

    Mine too. I love cookies. I love carbs 😦

  5. Thank you!

    Dieting is bad, lifestyle is better. Makes me feel better too. I like the way your cousin thinks, like the idea of asking yourself why you are eating, for emotional reasons or because you are hungry.

    I will check out fitness Friday! Thank you for the suggestion.

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