Hello track, lets get back on you…

So as you probably guessed, I took a couple weeks off my weight loss journey. Not that I have been going overboard on candy or falling face first into old habits. More like a sabbatical. Why did I do this? I wanted to see if eating healthy and exercise really made me feel better.

Sounds like I am off my rocker, I know.

There are so many things going on with my body. I am anemic at times which throws everything off. My PCOS loves to flare up at the most inconvenient times. I also work full time, attend school full time and still have a life. So my days are long which aggravates the above mentioned conditions. I have been so frazzled with the crazy amount of work they are assigning in class, work and life, I couldn’t even tell if anything I was doing was helping or if I was just stressing my body out.  Plus I had started my new medication and my tummy seemed crazy. So I wanted to do some experimenting to see what was going on. 

What I learned…

  • Turns out my tummy hates eating after 9pm. Which sucks for me because I don’t get off of class till 9pm and I don’t have time between work/school to eat. When I ate earlier, it was happier. When I ate later, it complained, loudly. Can’t change that for 3 1/2 more months though.
  • I lose weight when I eat earlier. I also lose weight when I drastically cut carbs. All week, with eating carbs, the scale has been stuck on my high number. Not good. But when I didn’t eat carbs, it would drop again.
  • Not drinking my cranberry tea and taking my multi-vitamin regularly makes me feel anemic. I can literally feel the energy draining from my body and see the dark circles forming. Plus when I start craving red meat, it is usually a bad sign as well. 
  • Sleep is important and I don’t give myself enough of it.
  • Exercising before work made it so I could cope with stress better and my body misses exercise when I don’t do it regularly. Even if 5:45 am is way too early.
  • Eating healthy, eating clean foods, it does make a huge difference in how my body runs. 
  • I don’t handle stress well at all but I am lazy about my stress reduction. 
Armed with knowledge, it is time to go back to my routine. 
I am going to go back to running a few days a week before work. Tai Chi on Wednesdays. Also Tai Chi at night whenever I can squeeze it in, great tool for meditating, clearing my mind and lowering stress. I already went grocery shopping for healthy, low carb foods and planned out a weeks worth of meals. 
Monday seems a good day to get back on track. Especially a little over a week before camping. Want to be in shape for all the hiking. 
By the way, the homemade cleaners worked GREAT. They smell like lavender, which I love and my house was just as clean as it used to get with chemicals. Plus I felt better about it because there was no worries if the animals were licking or rolling around where there was just chemicals used. 
This weekend was a slow one. Date night ended up being pizza on the couch with our favorite TV show. I honestly could not find ANY movies I wanted to see. Saturday was a mix of doing laundry, cat sitting and trying to power through all my homework. I still have more to do this week, Tuesday’s class still needs a paper and Thursday’s class I need to finish my final project, yuck. I predict a lot of lunch time and late night homework sessions. Sunday was a sleep in, run a few errands, finish my book and make my necklace day.
The black stone was provided to me and I was told to create a necklace or bracelet to wear to Women’s Circle. I thought about it for over a week before I decided one how I wanted it to look. I wanted glass beads because there is a beach in my hometown called glass beach. It was an old dumping sight and over the years the ocean has softened all the glass into beautiful stones. I use to love to go down to that beach and collect glass. Lately I have been missing the ocean, big redwood tree’s and beaches of my childhood. I really wanted to take a 4 hour drive back to my hometown to collect some glass myself, drill holes into them and have those be apart of my necklace. But since I am slammed at school and it wasn’t doable, I decided that I wanted glass beads that reminded me of the ocean. It took 3 Arts and Crafts stores to find what I was looking for. I finally settled on a glass bead kit from Michaels
The best part, beads left over to make a matching bracelet or other fun jewelry. Plus I was able to pick up the additional yarn I needed to finish my husbands scarf. I have been meaning to do it for MONTHS now. I have to finish his and my nieces so I can start my sister’s and nephew’s scarfs. (Well technically the husband is supposed to be making my nephews). Then it will be my first attempt at hats to match and a baby booties/hat set, plus some jewelry. See I am doing homemade Christmas presents this years after last years spent too much money craziness. I want to go to Cabo in February to celebrate my graduation/birthday/anniversary, so all my spare money will be going there. 
How was your weekend? Do anything fun? What are your fitness goals right now? How do you feel when you stop exercising as much?

6 thoughts on “Hello track, lets get back on you…

  1. I would just bring snacks to class, that is what i used to do. Just like Sana says no shame in it. Im glad to hear the cleaners work well and smell great. I try not to get to far off track from working out. It helps me relieve alot of tension and makes me feel confident about myself. The necklace looks great. I love to collect sea glass and I have heard of that beach before.

  2. Holy cow! You have a lot on your plate. You prove though that people can make the time to live a healthier lifestyle. I am sure you found out you have a lot more energy when you are making healthy choices. You are doing everything the right way. Keep up the good work, you are doing fantastic!

    P.S. Sana and BlushnCheeks have good advice. Bring a snack to class or little baggies of something to munch inbetween. That will help.

  3. I bring snacks, but I hate eating dinner afterwards. Darn class cuts right in the middle of dinner. The cleaners are amazing, I am very happy I gave them a try. I need to get back on track with working out. Thank you!!!

  4. Eh, usually my plate runneth over 🙂 It is possible, if you take it one step, one day at a time, you can be healthy and keep your crazy hectic schedule. Though I do fall apart when things get too overwhelming. I do have TONS more energy when I am eating better and exercising. Thank you!!!

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