Getting things clean with green…

Remember how I told you I was going green and going to start making my own household cleaners? Well I did it. I made my own cleaners yesterday, using the recipes from this website. It was interesting to say the least.

The hardest part was finding the different supplies I needed, washing soda, tea tree oil, lavender, vinegar, baking soda and pure-Castile soap..

Oh and lets not forget the 3 spray bottles and 1 squirt bottle either.
First I did an inventory check. I still had lavender essential oils from my massage days. Thankfully, I love essential oils and had kept mine in order to use in baths. But of course, no tea tree oil. I keep vinegar in the house for baking and I always keep a box of baking soda in the fridge for freshening and one in the cupboard for baking. So those items were crossed off the list. That left the more complicated one’s, tea tree oil, pure Castile-soap and washing soda. 
The Castile-soap was in the laundry detergent/dish-washing area at a health food store I use to frequent when I was in school for massage therapy. It took some hunting, but there it was. There was three different sizes and a few different scents. I stuck with lavender since that was a main ingredient in most of the cleaners and I hate mixing smells. I also chose the second largest bottle which was only $9.94. I was also able to find my tea tree oil there after a LOT of hunting. They only had one kind though and it was expensive, $8.99. 
(sorry about the blurriness)
Next I went to our normal grocery store and hunted down the washing soda. It was in the aisle with all the laundry detergents and dish-washing soap. It was a nice $2.95. 
After that it was to the 99cents Store where I purchased 3 spray bottles and 1 travel shampoo carrier (squirt bottle) for a whopping $4.00.
Total cost=$25.88
My usual cost for buying grease cutters, bathroom scrubbers and anti-bacterial wipes usually cost me around $30.00. Also when I was mixing up the ingredients, I noticed how much supplies I still had left over afterwards, which means it will be super easy to whip up batches over and over again for that one small price. 
Next was getting the supplies made. I took my time, made a homemade funnel and measured carefully. I also labeled each bottle with what it did and the ingredients in it. 
I made a lavender anti-bacterial spray, grease cutter, all purpose cleaner and a bathroom scrubber. 
Sadly, I won’t be able to use any because my husband is doing the deep cleaning today. We have a date night after work and then I am cat sitting. But he is under strict instructions to tell me how well it all works. 
Well only two more hours till date night commences and then operation cat sit will start. I love cat sitting, cat sitting means getting to take a bath in a HUGE bathtub, using a fancy washer/dryer to wash my clothes, watch cable (I only have Netflix streaming through my Wii) and get some quiet time for homework. I have a LOT of homework due next week too, so the quiet time will be much much needed.
Oh and my office manager asked me if I lost weight today. How exciting right? I was starting to wonder if anyone would notice that I had lost 30 pounds in 6 months. My pants are getting looser. I think that is a good sign. I have to constantly wrench them up as I walk, which is annoying and slightly embarrassing, but still means I must be looking skinnier!
Any weekend plans? Make your own cleaners recently? Get any compliments recently?


2 thoughts on “Getting things clean with green…

  1. YAY!! you made your own cleaners. let me know what the hubby says. Like I said I want to make my own. I dont really like to use a lot of chemicals. Especially on the floors where my dog Cole walks, cause he licks his paws and who knows that may be why he has cancer. Have a great date night and wear something that make you feel beautiful and confident. As you should be always. Congrats on your weight loss too.

  2. I did and so far they work GREAT! I am loving not using so many chemicals, the lavender smells amazing and my bathroom/kitchen look just as clean.

    I am so sorry to hear your dog has cancer. My animals were puking because my cat loves to lick the shower (weird kitty) and the puppy licks everything else. So I understand wanting less chemicals around your animals, that was the main reason I did it.

    Again thank you 🙂

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