Freaky Fridays-Summer…

Freeky Friday Welcome to another Freeky Friday! We’re getting local with today’s topic: What’s the best thing about summer in your neck of the woods? Any fun local activities or traditions? Want more info, check out Concrete Jane’s blog!

Summers are hot here with weather that gets up past 100 degrees (as evident by this weekends predication, 104 eech). So sometimes getting out there can be hard. 
But there are a few things I love…
The rivers…

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is inner tube on the river..
Nothing beats a hot day like dipping your toes in some ice cold water, while chatting with your friends and drinking a beer or two. We usually try to get a huge group together and park cars at two different points. You also meet LOTS of interesting people floating on the river around you. 
Every year we camp one to two times, depending on how many we can afford and how much time we can take off. We turn off our phones (half of the time they don’t work anyways), pitch a tent, let the dogs roll in the dirt and usually invite along friends. Nothing beats a few days of cooking over an open flame and enjoying nature!
Farmers Markets/yard sales…
Our local farmers market is year round, but in the winter there doesn’t seem to be really anything there I am interested in. But in the summer they have lots of juicy fruits and yummy vegetables. I get really excited on Saturday mornings when I head to the farmers market. Yard sales are how I decorated my house. I love finding projects to paint, sand and hang to make look nice for super cheap. 
Bassi Falls is our favorite hike in the summer. The mountains are usually cooler than the valley and the water makes up for it if it isn’t. The hike isn’t horrible but still a good one. The falls go on for a long ways, so there is plenty of spots to pick out, have a picnic and ride the rapids in. 
These are my favorite parts of summer, sunny days, green grass and Popsicle’s. Lots of hiking, camping and inner tubing. Taking the big dog down to the river so she can play fetch in the water to cool off. Even though the heat can get to be too much at times and the A/C becomes my best friend, nothing beats beautiful weather to be able to spend as much time outside as possible. 

2 thoughts on “Freaky Fridays-Summer…

  1. I just love being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air. It makes we want to go to carnivals, hiking, beach. It makes me want to see and do everything possible to soak it all in before winter. Damn hibernation.

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