Breaking up with a scale…

I was told to get off the scale today. It has become an obsession. Every morning, I get out of the shower, tap my foot on the on button and wait for the blue screen to tell me to step on. Then I sit very still, dripping from the shower, wondering how much my wet hair weighs and waiting for the numbers on the scale to make or break my day.

A few things I have learned doing this, you literally fluctuate in weight every day. Eating can make you appear heavier. My towels weigh 2 pounds.

My husband is fed up with it. If I gained, I am instantly cranky. If I have lost, I am in a good mood. If I stay the same, somewhat aggravated. So he whipped out his handy dandy tape measure and measured me, now I am subject to weekly weigh in’s and measuring, instead of daily weigh in’s. I am being told it is for my own good.

Hi, my name is FASM, I have a scale problem. *waving enthusiastically*

Yesterday I got the crankies so bad, I thought I was going to rip off a fellow students head if she asked one more damn question. That isn’t like me, I am usually agreeable and easy to get along with (at least in public). After a little bit of contemplation, I realized what my trigger is for smoking, school. I am fine on the weekends, strong while at work, but the minute I start thinking about going to class and not smoking, I hyperventilate. I have convinced myself that I need those cancer sticks in order to get through my crazy day and detox when I am transitioning from work to school. I have convinced myself that my school friends are only my friends because I smoke with them.

BUT the great part about knowing my trigger, is being able to overcome it. I will just need to find a better system than smoking. Currently that means shoving lots of cinnamon candies in my mouth and not talking to anyone so I don’t snap.

Quitting smoking stats: 5 days 10 hours since I last smoked. I have not smoked 87 cigarettes. I have saved $29.36. Woo hoo me!

Camping/hiking season is coming up and I am super excited. I can’t wait to hike to my favorite waterfalls this year.

Last year was my first time hiking to the waterfalls in our area, I loved it but was really out of shape. This year I am in better shape, so I want to see if I can tackle those hills better.

Summer fruit, summer activities, summer BBQ’ing, what isn’t to love?

Happy hump day aka Wednesday!

Do you have an interesting relationship with your scale? Did you recently give up something and find it hard during certain times?


2 thoughts on “Breaking up with a scale…

  1. I weigh myself only in the morning, naked, after I used the toilet, before I have eaten anything. I cringe when it goes up and celebrate a little when it goes down, but I know that what matters is the average. I keep mental track of the highest and lowest numbers over the past several weeks. When the highest has dropped after a few weeks, or I see a new low, I know I've managed to lose a little.

    I've often thought that I should create a graph of my weights, but that sounds too OCD for even me!

    Today I saw a high that I haven't seen in over a month. I was sad. 😦

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