Accountability Jar…

Friday I made an accountability jar. Why? Because I have been sucking majorly at keeping myself accountable. As you have probably noticed, I have deleted the quitting smoking ticker, I can’t keep track of all my slips and how long I haven’t been smoking. Additionally, I find it easier to take things like quitting smoking and exercising one day at a time, instead of thinking about long term. So my jar is my new way of holding myself accountable…

The idea came from Pinterest. I saw it and immediately loved it. Once I reach $100, I get to splurge on something fun or stash it away for my graduation vacation. My husband has actually added a new twist as well, each day I smoke, I have to take a $1 out and give it to him (because he is still doing amazingly well on not smoking). So far there is $4.00 in that jar for 3 days of not smoking and 1 day of exercise. Out with the old, in with the new. This way I don’t feel guilty for each slip, I can take it one day at a time and there is a benefit or goal with each $1 I put in. We shall see how it works.
This weekend was fun, frustrating and interesting. Fun because I felt apart of some big event and I got a little puppy vacation. Frustrating because I hate driving in the city we visited and it took an hour to find parking for the event we were attending. Interesting because we saw naked people running a 12k, mixed with people in costumes and regular runners. I thought my husband was going to pass out when we saw the first naked man cross the finish line, all I could think was, “ouch.”
I also love staying in hotels, because I get to watch cable TV…
And snuggle with the husband without a puppy, kitty or big dog in between us…
I immediately took over the desk and I even managed to get Monday’s homework done so I wouldn’t be freaking out on Sunday….

Not a bad view from our window either…
It was an exhausting weekend and I did manage to get a long walk from the car to the event and back again (and YES I counted it as exercise). 
I was very glad to get home Sunday, take a nap and snuggle with my pups…
This Monday kicks off a long week, I have class 4 nights this week instead of 3 and mid terms are next week. It also starts my low carb, low sugar diet. I have decided to stick with what works and that works. So starting Wednesday (because I don’t have time to shop before then), I will be back to drastically cutting sugars and carbs.
So far I am at an 8 pound weight loss. Let’s see what happens now that I am on the new medication and cleaning up my diet again!
I will also be squeezing in as many walks and swims as I possibly can but I am not going to kick myself too hard if I can’t squeeze in a ton because hell I am less then 5 months away from graduating college and slammed busy.
How are you feeling? How was your weekend? Do you have an accountability jar?


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