Dun dun duuuuuun…

I was feeling a little bummed today, up until I got this…. 

Now I am feeling a little special over here. Thanks to K.D. Storm at A Coffee Driving & Adventure Bound Life! Please go check out her blog, you will enjoy it.
BUT I must do a few things now in order to be a proud displayer of this award. So my must do’s: answer the 10 questions below, list 10 random facts about myself, and then nominate 7 other fabulous bloggers who I enjoy. Here goes nothing…

 The Ten Questions

1.What is your fave song? Oh gosh, that changes from my mood to what day of the week it is, currently I have a few on repeat, Adele-Rumor, Gotye-Someone that I use to know and Flo Rida ft. Sia- Wild One’s.

2. Favorite Dessert? Cheesecake and lots of it. 

3. What ticks you off? Bad/distracted drivers and rudeness. 

4.When you’re upset what do you do? I talk to my mom or sister, I yell, I turn bright red and either eat chocolate or start chain smoking.

5. What is your favorite pet? Mines, Arya the rascal puppy, Red our old dog and Bonzai the stubborn cat. 

6. Which do you prefer black or white? Odd question, I don’t really have a preference.  

7. What is your biggest fear? Failure.
8. What is your attitude? I am a recovering pessimist, attempting to be an optimist, control freak, with a sarcastic sense of humor. 

9. What is perfection? I am still working on that, let me get back to you.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Pizza and trashy romance novels.

Ten Random Facts About Me

1. I am less then five months away from graduating college.
2. I love my hair and eyes.
3. I hate how my toes look without my nails painted.
4. I am exhausted 95% of the time.
5. I talk to the animals when no one is home.
4. I adore being an Auntie.
5. I secretly dream about living on a farm, growing my own food and owning a ton of animals.
6. I miss riding horses.
7. I still don’t know exactly what I want to be when I grow up.
8. I miss living in tall redwood trees and by the ocean.
9. I am not a morning person.
10. I had braces till after I turned 18 years old.

Seven Fabulous Bloggers Who I Enjoy 

1. Fiesty Cat– Very funny and some amazing writing. 

2. Grr Arg- Honest and real.

3. Inhabit the Beauty- I really relate to this blog.

4. Can’t Touch That I’m A Germaphone- Cracks me up and I can relate to a lot of what she writes about.

5. Different Paths, Same Destination– Love reading the different posts from the different women. 

6. Craft- So many DIY projects to enjoy.

7. Healthy Tipping Point- Great blog for anyone who wants to get healthy, lots of tips and experiences from the author. 


3 thoughts on “Dun dun duuuuuun…

  1. Awww thank you so much! I can't think of a better compliment than “honest and real”. 🙂

    But I think you need to work on better responses to being upset! lol Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend… with no upsets!

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