The good with the bad…

So it has been 2 weeks since I made my vow to get positive and STOP letting the negative stress me out so much. (Don’t know what I am talking about, read more here)

I have to consciously think about staying positive. I have not perfected doing it without thinking yet. It feels like quitting smoking, the slips and then having to make the choice again to be done.

It is hard though, ESPECIALLY when your boss lectures you about yawning so loudly at your desk after 3:00 pm. Yes you read it right, lectured me about yawning at my desk so loudly. He said that it causes everyone in the office to yawn and then he feels like no one wants to work. Who knew that a yawning epidemic could be so scary??? Then he proceeded to tell the office manager he doesn’t like people taking an hour lunch to go to a doctors appointment, he would much rather they just take the whole day off. I thought it was polite to offer to work most of the day and only run to my doctors appointment for an hour on my lunch break, when did it become annoying to a boss?? 

In attempt to keep my vow yesterday, I ate 5 Starbursts, 2 cinnamon candies, 3 tiny chocolates and a caramel chew. Bad bad idea. Made me so very sick. Probably should have taken a 10 minute walk or practiced my breathing. Whoops.

Note to self: Sugar does NOT solve all problems.

I stayed mad at my boss for 2 days before I realized how FUNNY the situation was. He seriously asked me to yawn quieter and less. How comical really. I should have just started laughing at him. Instead I chose to be mad for 2 days, rant about it to anyone that would listen and yes I smoked a couple cigarettes. DAMN IT!

The truth is, my boss is stressed and just finding reasons to nitpick, stupid reasons and I have been letting it get to me. BUT I can’t anymore, because I made a vow. So during the most frustrating times, I have started repeating over and over to myself, Cabo Cabo Cabo, moving, moving, moving. See Cabo is my treat to myself in February of 2013 for graduating college. Moving is what I will be doing around mid to end 2013 because I really feel I need to be by the ocean again and I need a change of scenery. This job, this income, might not be the greatest thing in the world, but I am gaining valuable experience that will look good on my resume and I am making money that will help pay for Cabo and moving.

See turn a negative to a positive.

Some other tricks I am incorporating:

  • Getting up earlier in the morning and I find that with not feeling rushed, I can really have some quit time to think about my day, make an effort to put make-up on, do my hair and pick out my outfits carefully. I don’t know why, but looking/feeling good have always kind of been linked in my book. If I feel I look good, it is easier to shrug off the bad crap. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just a weirdo?

  • When I start to hyperventilate about something, I have to make an effort to shrug my shoulders, take a deep breath in and remind myself that I can only fix one thing at a time and I can only take one day at a time.

  • When I don’t want to go to school because I am tired, I remind myself that I only have 5 months left, so lets make it an AMAZING 5 months!

AND because I have been working so hard on keeping positive, I do feel myself being able to look at the good stuff going on with clear eyes, instead of eyes tinted with negativity. I find that my stress level has gone down. That I am better about accepting things, accepting bad news. I am starting the process of facing things I have been avoiding for years, my health, my financial situation etc. They aren’t as scary as I thought they were honestly.

Good things happening right now: I have the opportunity to become a notary through my school and be able to put that on my resume. I got good grades last quarter. I have a job that keeps  a roof over my head. My leasing manager finally is going to fix the fences and mailboxes on the property we are renting. Camping is coming up. A friend is visiting me in June. My tomatoes, green beans, lettuce and chives are starting to poke little sprouts out of the ground.

So two weeks since I vowed to stay positive and so far, it does feel better than dwelling on the negative.

How do you keep positive? Any tricks for when a boss is making you mad or someone is upsetting you?


2 thoughts on “The good with the bad…

  1. Looking my best definitely ties in to how I feel. It did even when I was a kid… if I had to wear something I really didn't like, I would feel sick all day.

    I find it really hard to stay positive when someone is upsetting me, but I try to focus on what they are saying and why, rather than how they are saying it and my emotional reaction to it. Often they're just having a bad day or are stressed out, and a sympathetic comment about the pressures of their job can do wonders. Commiserating with them can make them feel heard, which will also makes them more reasonable with me.

    And I also look at what someone is saying about me, and honestly try to see if there is validity to it. Sometimes there is… sometimes there isn't. If there is something you could do better, then just admitting that to the complainer can go a long way.

    And if not… shrug it off. Literally. I close my eyes, shrug my shoulders and picture the weight rolling off my back. Then I shake my head a little, open my eyes, and move forward in my day. 🙂

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