I realized when I looked at my ticker this morning (the non smoking ticker), it was wrong. It said 22 days and even though I would LOVE to claim 22 days, I slipped a few times, which is to be expected when you are giving up on a habit that has been apart of your life for almost 12 years. So I changed it to reflect an accurate count because I won’t lie to you!

During my doctors appointment, my doctor lectured me on quitting and then she said something that rang true, “If you got pregnant, you would have to quit.” Hm, I have NEVER had it put quit that way before. So I threw away my pack when I got home and haven’t touched them since. I feel good though. Went through some bumps, some stressful times and still didn’t revert back to smoking recently.

Another accomplishment, I finally got brave enough and took my Metformin. (Lost, check out here and here). I am pleased to announce, no major tummy issues and it seems to be helping. I know that is weird to say after just 3 days, but I don’t get the 3:00 pm blahs as bad and I have a little more energy. Now I won’t know how well it is working till probably 2 weeks to 3 months to be honest, but so far, I think this was a good idea.

I did the math, I was eating under 2,000 calories a day for the last 6 months, that alone should have made it so I lost weight, combine that with the exercise I was doing and really the scale should have been budging a lot more then a few pounds. PCOS is a pain in my rear end. So hopefully in the next 3 months Metformin really helps me shed the pounds.

I am really working hard on my positive self talk. Now that I have the medication and I feel like I am making progress, it is getting easier to be positive. I am also working on not snapping so much, nagging endlessly and letting go of some control. Those three things have caused endless stress in my life. I am a control freak, who thinks about all the bad stuff going on CONSTANTLY and it just causes me to always be in a state of panic. So I am working on calming that down.

It isn’t easy. Trust me.

As for exercise, since I haven’t been consistent, we are going to be doing a whole lot of walking for the next few weeks to work up to where I was before. Wednesday and Friday I will be up before work at 6 am, I will get the dogs ready to go and then we will take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. On Saturday and Sundays I am hoping to start swimming laps, great exercise, not hard on my joints, but it has been a hectic week at my Husbands new job and he hasn’t gotten me my gym pass yet. So once I get that I will be swimming. AND I get to put a $1 in my work out jar each time I work out. Bonus incentive.

Next on my health list, getting my wisdom teeth removed. I have an appointment in a few weeks to meet with a new dentist. Each time I get another worry checked off my list, I feel better. I am really liking this take charge attitude, much better then the head in sand approach I have been doing for years.

Okay that is my update! Life is a changing and I am starting to like the changes.

Oh Monday, you came too soon again!

Meditation App saying of the day… “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

PERFECT!! Happy Monday 🙂


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