I really like what my Meditation App said this morning.. “Work out your own salvation, do not depend on others.” -Buddha

(You can even get it on a shirt from this website)

I took it to mean that instead of worrying about others, or depending on everyone around you, depend on yourself a little more, figure out where you are going, where you want to be going and then do it. Even if the people around you don’t approve.

This is an important lesson I am learning very slowly. It felt good to sit for 3 minutes and just contemplate ways to incorporate the above saying into my life a little more.

I am working on my positive energy. Though I had a major relapse last night when I refused to start my Metformin. I started thinking of all the side effects and pretty soon I had myself convinced I was going to be sicker than a dog. So I talked to my mom, who of course, talked me down. Truth is, the benefits could outweigh the negatives and if it does make me sick, I can always stop taking them. Logic just never fails to make sense.

Tonight, after dinner, I am going to put my big girl panties on and take a leap of faith that I am making the right decision to take the Metformin for my PCOS. (little lost, read here).

I think a few slips is okay when it comes to my vow to stay positive. (Can’t remember, read here)

Life is still messy. I suspect it is going to be messy for awhile. But each time I mark something off my, “Need to get done so I will quit freaking out about it,” list, I feel just a little better and less chaotic.

The weekend plans, it is an easy weekend, I am officially going to enjoy the sun, put around in the garden, swim, take the dogs to the river to play fetch, catch up on homework and sleep.

I am very glad it is Friday, how about you? What is your interpretation of the above saying?


2 thoughts on “Salvation…

  1. I am SO glad it's Friday. Busy weekend, but at least it's a fun busy.

    And I absolutely love that saying. I feel like I learned that without having heard the saying, during the course of my divorce and the months after. My self-confidence was at the lowest ever, but I learned that self-confidence has the word “self” in it because that's where it comes from. No one else can give you confidence – you have to find it inside yourself. I put a lot of effort into sending positive messages to myself, and stopping the negative self critiques and replacing them with positive statements on how I did the best I could, etc. I was driving to work one day last fall when I had to pull to the side of the road and stop the car for a few minutes. I was in shock because I realized that all of the messages I was hearing in my head as I drove were positive. Such a change from just one year prior…. even from 6 months prior.

    It's a tough change, but it takes far less time than I ever thought. Keep being positive… praising yourself for what you do well… and giving yourself a hug instead of a kick when you mess up. I always thought the hype was bs, but it really works. 🙂

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