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It is going to be HOT this week. Summer is barreling its way in. Let’s hope that this is good news for the veggies I just planted.

The dreaded doctors appointment is tomorrow morning, (you can read about it here), and I find myself torn between being excited to get this show on the road, nervous and ready to be disappointed.

Excited because I am determined to follow the doctors advice to get to the bottom of this feeling super crappy thing.

Nervous because I have ALWAYS hate hearing bad news.

Ready to be disappointed because all the other doctors I have EVER gone through were clueless. Given PCOS is still a hard condition to understand and I was seeing nurse practitioners and gynecologists. Probably should have tried an all around physician from the beginning, but hey, I always choose the hard routes first.

My biggest hope is to get some answers, run some tests and maybe get referred to endocrinology.

BUT I am trying not to think that far ahead or put too many expectations on it.

Today is the present and today is all about being slammed busy, work is crazy, boss is cranky, I have to go straight from work to school to hopefully get some assignments done before class and then go home, make dinner, spend time with puppies before crashing into bed exhausted. No rest for the wicked obviously!

Today is moving slow and I am ready for it to be over.

I am happy though, last night I actually got sleep and was only woken up once. After much debate and getting frustrated, I finally moved the bed from under the window to the opposite wall away from the window. Who knew moving a bed a few feet could make a such a difference. I moved it a year ago because my thought was that having the windows open to let a cool breeze in right where I was laying would be nice, that was before they cut the shrubs down that blocked the sun from pouring into our window.

So last night I roped the husband into helping me heave ho the bed unto the other wall. Which meant no light shinning from next door in my eyes, no sun blinding me at 6 am (whether the curtains were open or closed), no heat pouring through the window at 6 am making me hot, no hearing the neighbor loudly chat on her cell phone while chain smoking at 6:30 am and no hearing the window rattle when the trains go by all night.


My meditation app saying today.. “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


2 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. It's amazing what difference a good night's sleep can make! Glad you're feeling a bit better. Just try not to worry about the doctor – instead be glad the date has finally arrived and focus on standing up for yourself and your needs.

    And I love that meditation quote. 🙂

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