There is an app for that…

(This is the model of my actual phone)

Technology is changing the way we exercise, it is making us accountable for every mile, every second and every workout. It use to be that you exercised and maybe went home to write it down on a piece of paper stuck to the fridge, you could fudge the details a little, add a few miles, maybe take away a few. Now a days, I log my workout online, write about it on my blog, record it on my phone and I tried a calendar on my fridge, but I kept forgetting to track it there. Every route is exactly painted out, each mile accounted for, there is no cheating and adding a few miles, trust me, you map your route, the computer knows. Each calorie eaten is recorded. Each slip up pointed out. Accountability is great but scary.

I went on an app binge recently (apps as in applications for your smartphone), not your normal fun games and keep me from getting bored apps, nope, I started downloading health apps. Is this a sign I am growing up or just tired of being fat? Hmm, who knows!

My apps of choice recently, yoga exercises, workout trainer, an eBook on starting meditation and Buddhist meditation. This is on top of my Sparkpeople app that tracks my food and exercise, plus my Endo-Mondo app that came with my phone and I personally think it SUCKS at tracking my exercise.

Yes I have other apps, fun apps like Sims, Fandango, Tetris and Words with Friends, plus responsible apps like Weather and News. But the workout one’s are my favorite right now. Every time I hear about a new one, I insist on trying it out. The yoga exercises app and workout trainer apps are there to give me exercises to do when I need some toning or stretching. When I am watching TV all I have to do is pull the app up and see what it offers up as an exercise I can do while watching Scrubs (my current obsession on Netflix). Simple. Easy. Convenient. Fun.

I have also started doing chair yoga at work. Yes, I chuckled too. It is a set of stretches you can do in your chair at work, these stretches actually help my leg/ back/ shoulders from screaming out in protest half way through the day. I do the calm breathing with the stretches too. Sometimes I make up my own. I know I know, weird. I can’t remember the site that I got the stretches off of, but I am sure if you Google it, you will find TONS of sources.

I have also been known to do odd things like 10 squats while standing at the front counter, no not in front of clients, just 10 squats while I am sealing the mail or organizing a file. Sometimes while I am in the bathroom, I take my shoes off and do ankle stretches or calve stretches. While I am watching TV, I will crawl unto the floor and do a combination of stretching with strength exercises for 15 minutes.

This isn’t helping me seem normal is it?

Do you see the ticker? Day 5 of not smoking it screams! Okay maybe it is just saying it calmly, but to me it is screaming. If you hadn’t noticed, day 3 and 4 are my dramatic days, those are the days I throw myself on the ground and scream like a kid that I can’t go another day without smoking. I won’t survive. Those are usually the days I slip and buy a pack. I almost slipped yesterday. I got really close. But something stopped me, maybe it was my husbands text messages of encouragement, maybe it was the fact that I didn’t want to buy a $6.25 pack of cancer sticks or maybe it was because I am reminded that I love being able to breathe. Either way, on the drive to school, I convinced myself not to stop at a gas station and instead to eat corn nuts on my break. I took really deep breaths in. I concentrated on my goals, becoming a runner, not getting sick as often etc. I concentrated on the negative effects of smoking. I told myself to stop mourning cigarettes like a long lost friend. I woke up this morning feeling great, confident and down right scary cheerful. I can do this!

In other exciting news, the husband is taking his lifeguard course today, signs his hire paperwork on Wednesday and I will then have a free membership to a gym again. I have been thoroughly eyeballing the spin, tai chi, zumba and yoga classes.

Last night the husband and I had an hour long adult conversation about how we handle certain arguments, it was downright nice. We both listened and shared our frustrations, we talked about solutions and healthier ways of talking about frustrations with each other. This was brought on by the overload of bickering the last few weeks and it was so calm, so easy, so nice. Not that we fight CONSTANTLY, but like every couple we just go through periods of time where we bicker and argue about every tiny thing. Periods of time we get on each others nerves. It was nice to acknowledge it and move on from it without that turning into an argument as well. It was nice to see it for what it was and not make it something bigger then it needed to be.

I am ready for this weekend. I have lots to do and lots of exercise scheduled. I also promised myself I would take it easy after last weekends fun mania.

Happy Employee Appreciation Week!

Any plans for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “There is an app for that…

  1. I loved this. I think that, given that we are a few years apart (ahem!), you are more inclined to use apps. Mr. FC and I do keep a spreadsheet (well, he does) of our mileage, cross-training days, etc.

    And, hey, I have always done squats and plies and yoga at the strangest times, but every little bit helps. Welcome to the strange club.


  2. I am more inclined to use apps and have my phone constantly on me, which is weird at times even for me 😉 A spreadsheet? I love it! My husband is currently using a piece of paper on the fridge because he wants to see how well I am doing too.

    Glad to be apart of the strange club!

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