Taking that first step…

I got home yesterday still not sure if I wanted to brave the rain to run or stay indoors and do a Pilate’s tape. Okay let’s be honest, I was just being a chicken, I was afraid I would go to run and be so far out of shape again it would be too hard for me.

But by the time I put on my sweats and was tying on my shoes, I knew I was going to go run and I knew the exact park that I was going to run in.

Once at the park with rain pelting the windshield, I knew my best bet would be to listen to my body and let it dictate how much I did. PLUS I was still scared that I would be highly out of shape when I attempted to run. So Arya and I warmed up for a good 10 minutes, walking around and around the park, with the husband and Red dog walking ahead, impatient to start running…

I could feel that I had forgotten how to breath and my arch of my foot started to hurt, but it still felt really good to be running again. We looped the same path, the dogs enjoying the exercising, ignoring the rain and stopping to walk when I needed to. I swear both my dogs run better on a leash than they do walking.

One of my motivators for running is getting to do it outside. I love the smell of the fresh air, the people walking by and the little bits of nature in the city. Just like this mother duck and her babies floating on the tiny river…

Now that I have faced my fear, I have a little more confidence when it comes to starting my couch to 5k program again. Friday I will be doing the 60 second runs with 90 second walks for 20 minutes, though I will probably stick with my 10 minute warm up instead of just a 5 minute warm up. I am learning slowly what it is like to push past the mental blocks and pain. It is a slow process.

Day 4 of not smoking, I survived night 3, my hardest night. I ran, which reminded me why I quit in the first place, made dinner with the husband, got on the computer for a bit, watched an episode of Scrubs and then crawled into bed before 11 pm. I was so tired I slept right through the night with only a few wake ups of over heating and having to use the restroom. Every time the cravings get too bad, I take a really deep breathe in, remind myself how much I love doing that and hold it for as long as I need to. When I release it, I usually feel better and can move on with what I am doing. Each day it gets easier.

I have also replaced my cup of coffee in the morning with a cup of cranberry tea (you can read my previous blog on cranberry tea and all the health benefits here). Already my wisdom teeth have stopped hurting so much and I am hoping it is helping with the toxins leaving my body from quitting smoking. Plus it tastes yummy and I don’t get the caffeine crash towards the afternoon.

Slowly, very slowly I am getting back to what I was doing before the killer flu swept in and uprooted my life for 4 weeks!


2 thoughts on “Taking that first step…

  1. You go, girl! This is awesome! Every day I come to your blog, the first thing I look at is the counter at the top, and every time it increases, I cheer for you!

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