My new obsession…

So I stumbled upon an amazing tea this morning without even trying. I was looking for something warm for my throat because it was feeling sore and crappy. The only tea bag I could find at work was a cranberry tea, which I hesitated over because I normally don’t like cranberries at all. But I was desperate.
After drinking a few sips, my throat started to feel better, the swollen lymph node feeling started to fade and I started to wonder what was in this tea? Some kind of magical elixir?
Nope, just cranberries, which are an amazing super fruit (?) I guess. These little red berries are packed with Vitamin C and Potassium. They are also loaded with antioxidants and anti-bacterial stuff. These little guys are AMAZING. As I kept reading numerous articles about cranberry tea, my favorite being this one, I started to get excited. Drinking a glass a day has been shown in many studies to improve weight loss, improve immune systems and flush out toxins. All of which are very important in my world.
So I happily added it to my shopping list, vowing to drink a cup a day.
Why do I plan on drinking a cup a day, well I want to see if it helps flush out the cigarette smoking toxins that have built up in my body, I am willing to try ANYTHING to help improve my immune system after fighting the flu for over two weeks and I want to see if it will really help with weight loss. I have always been a fan of using natural remedies over medical pills.
In other news… I am on day two of not smoking and I feel good (especially after that cranberry tea). I had a really stressful final, the most stressful one of this week last night and a few other things happen, I didn’t get a ton of sleep, but I still didn’t smoke. And I feel good about it! I feel confident that I can do this! So because I have failed so many times before, I decided to try something new, a reward system:
  • After two weeks of being nicotine free I get new yarn to start knitting a new scarf;
  • After a month of not smoking I get a massage;
  • After two months of not smoking I get one new outfit for work and one new outfit for personal;
  • After three months of not smoking I get a weekend trip to Monterrey (one of my favorite places to visit because of the aquarium);
  • After four months of not smoking I get a facial (I have always wanted one);
  • After five months of not smoking I get a manicure and pedicure (might even get tips on my nails);
  • After six months of not smoking I get three pairs of new shoes;
  • After one year of not smoking I get a trip to Cabo (which is also my reward for graduating college).
Last spring because I was busy hiking and enjoying the outdoors, I stayed smoke free for nine whole months. I learned a lot from those nine months. I learned that quitting is hard and the cravings don’t go away for a long time. That quitting is mostly mental (kind of like running). That one slip will lead to many slips and eventually back to smoking. That I hate the smell of cigarettes. That I didn’t get sick as often in those nine months I didn’t smoke. That I have to psych myself up for it. That reading about all the negative repercussions of smoking helps you beat the cravings. That the first week or two is the hardest because you lose sleep, you get antsy and I tend to get anxiety ridden plus snap a lot. But after you are done, after you see how much more money you have, how much better you feel, how much easier you can breathe, how much better you smell, that is when the rewards come. Right then. Right there. But once smoking becomes ingrained in you for years on end, it can be very easy to let yourself slip into old habits, even after nine months. Quitting the next time, not so easy!!! But here we go again, because I don’t EVER give up.
What do you think of cranberry tea? Do you use a reward system?

2 thoughts on “My new obsession…

  1. I tried raspberry tea yesterday but it didn't help my sore throat at all. I definitely have to get some cranberry tea now!

    I love the idea of reward systems, but I fight structure, so I've never actually tried that as a way of self-motivation. I've lost about 7-8 lbs now, and I want to lose another 6-7. If I make it down to 130, my goal, I will buy myself some new clothes as a reward, but I never got as specific as you have!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. MMMmmm raspberry tea sounds wonderful, but I would try cranberry to see if it helps your sore throat as much as mine and let me know!

    I thought the reward system was pretty neat. I am very detailed oriented. Congratulations on the 7-8 lbs, love it, great job! Those 6-7 lbs will be a cinch!

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