Good weather, cute shoes and frozen yogurt for two…

So it is Monday, the beginning of finals week and I worked 6 days last week, so I should be tired and moody. But I am not. Want to know my secret? Shoes. I made sure to wear my super cute heels with a skirt today, an outfit that makes me feel fabulous (even if the shoes hurt my feet a little). I read it in my Health magazine while taking a bath on Saturday, it said if you are having a bad morning, throw on the outfit that makes you feel great about yourself and don’t look in the mirror, just walk out the door. That way you don’t obsess about it all day. Great advice and so far it is working this Monday morning for me!

Saturday I worked and I was still feeling pretty crappy. But since it was sunny and I was dying to get a little vitamin D, we took the puppy to her first ever dog park visit. She did great. I was nervous because she is still small, but she seemed to hold her own. The only dog that scared the poo right out of her was the Great Dane, even though he was gentle, she did NOT understand why he was so BIG. Then we took a walk to meet the geese, who she was not interested in at all and home to relax for the rest of the evening because that took it out of me.

You know what makes me smile? Friends dropping by with homemade chicken soup just because they know you don’t feel well. And it was amazingly yummy chicken soup at that. Can’t wait to go home and eat some more for dinner tonight.

So Sunday I woke up feeling actually human (maybe it was the chicken soup) and it was 70 degree’s with nothing but blue sky’s, so off to the park we went again for a little more dog park fun and then a picnic in the green grass…

Where Arya got to watch all the kids playing!

And Red got to sun bath (ignore the funny face she is making)
Once we had soaked up lots of sun and thoroughly tuckered out the dogs, the humans went to get a little frozen treat…
Frozen yogurt for two anyone?
Then back home to make some lasagna, finish my final project for school and study some more for finals.
It finally feels like spring…
Our first poppy flower!
And even though there is a lot going on, a lot of stress and a lot of changes, spring, warm weather and sunny days always make me feel a little better and less stressed. It will all work out the sunny weather seems to whisper to me. So weird I know, but I can’t panic about everything all the time.
Hopefully my lungs are better, because I am ready to start running again in this beautiful weather!!
How was your weekend?


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