A little bit of humilation with a side of rude…

Every time I turn around someone else is telling me about a flu death story. So panic stricken after two weeks of being sick, I made an emergency doctors appointment and since my doctor wasn’t available I was shipped off to one I hadn’t met yet.

When I walked into the building, found room med4 and made my way to the receptionist, I figured check in, sit down and read my book until they called my name. Boy was I in for a shock.

I always expect to have a certain amount of embarrassment when going to the doctors, like when they weigh you or when they make you put on one of those butt exposing gowns, but never have I ever been handed one of these before…

I looked at the receptionist with a raised eyebrow but she offered up no explanation other than it was because I have a cough.

So I put it on, smelling the horrible medicine, puke smell that radiates from those and my own breathe (I needed a mint) and all I could think was how stupid I must look.

As I glanced around the waiting room, I saw a lot of elderly people coughing and none of them was handed a mask. The only other person wearing this horrifying mask was a gentlemen that looked about on his death bed, with a wife who kept rubbing his back feeling sorry for him. My guess, he was at the beginning stages of the flu, I remember looking and feeling like that a week ago.

So I took my mask off, thinking, well if I don’t cough, then I am not spreading anything. Perfectly sound reasoning.

It only took a few minutes, one page of my book to be exact to get called into the back by my tattooed scattered medical assistant. Who barked out orders to me like I should know what to do already. I tried to chat with her, or make a joke about stepping on the scale fully clothed, but she wasn’t interested. She ripped off the blood cuff from my arm with such force I actually jumped. I was glad to see her go.

My doctor was nice, but very direct and rushed. He told me on top of recovering from the flu I have laryngitis, which is basic swelling of the voice box, from talking and coughing. Then he put me on voice rest. Voice rest? Really? This guy doesn’t know me at all, voice rest would be torture. I talk all the time, at work, at home, at school, I constantly have to talk. humph, voice rest.

He also prescribed me cough syrup with codeine to help with coughing at night so I could get some sleep as well and lots of fluids plus rest.

There was no crackling or wheezing, turns out my body is just taking its sweet time with getting over the flu, but there aren’t any other complications thankfully. (Now I feel a little silly about making a rushed appointment.)

Let me tell you something about this cough syrup he prescribed, it came out pale pink and watery. It tasted like poison. I have never tasted anything so nasty before in my life. NEVER! I had been prescribed codeine once before in my teens when I had bronchitis, it didn’t taste this bad. Did they forget to add the sweetener to my dose? Did they replace my cough syrup with bleach? Seriously nasty folks, just nasty.

So here I am, on voice rest, having my co-worker answer the phones, barely talking, frustrated because I still don’t feel good. Come on flu, leave this body!!!

Which as you probably guessed means, I am still not exercising, UGH! I miss exercise. I can’t stand sitting at the same weight and not being able to do a single thing about it other than eat healthy.*le sigh*

So today is Friday the 13th…

“Today is the second of three Friday the 13ths during 2012. The first was during the second week in January and the third will come during the second week in July. All three of the Fridays are exactly 13 weeks apart. Superstition surrounding the number 13, and particularly Friday the 13th, has a long history that has resulted in myths and urban legends, such as that cutting your hair today will lead to a death in the family.” Read the rest of this report at GreeleyTribune.com

Spooky. So be safe out there on this Friday the 13th.


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